Comal County Tacos

Every now and then my husband and I just like to drive! We pile into the car with no where in our mind to go and we drive to see what discovery we can make. One Saturday morning after we got our standard Sonic teas we were driving down Highway 46 and saw a little taco shop called Comal County Tacos. We pulled into the tiny parking lot to get a closer look. The first thing we noticed was how crowded it was. There were several cars constantly going in and out of the parking lot and the building was bright orange and tiny. I made a note that later in life we would definitely have to check it out and so we did.

On this day, my son was in town so after grabbing my girls some donuts, the boy and I headed down to try out some breakfast tacos. I was excited, not only because I was going to get to try out a new establishment but because since moving out of San Antonio there was no longer a taco shop on every corner. 

When you first walk into Comal County Tacos the first thing you notice is how small the inside is and then you notice how simple it is. You have 2 women behind the counter serving up Mexican goodness and then you have a few other women in the back preparing the food and cleaning up. To be honest I used to be nervous about establishments like this but since having lived in San Antonio for 3 years I learned that these are most often the best Mexican restaurants to eat at.

The menu listed around 10, if not a little more, types of tacos. Of course I ordered simple, Bacon and Egg. My son ordered, I believe, Chorizo and then a Suicide. The Suicide had a variety of taco fillings; hence the name. 

Overall I have to say that Comal County Tacos was really good. From their home made tortillas to the fresh ingredients to the sweet ladies in the front, we enjoyed it and will definitely be back very soon. On a side note, we went to Comal County Tacos on a Wednesday morning at 9AM. We sat inside to eat and the entire time there was a constant flow of people that came in and out of the restaurant; another sign of its goodness. 



  1. I love tacos, my favorite food.

  2. Swathi Iyer says

    I love to try those tacos, those looks irresistible.

  3. Alison Kothmann says

    I go by there everyday! I can bring Comal County Tacos to next meetup!

  4. Alvina Castro says

    I agree. The size of the restaurant doesnt matter. what matters are that the customers are there and loving it. Thats how it is with our barbacoa place. Love the yummy pictures of the tacos.

  5. Sounds like my kind of restaurant. I love Mexican food and the not so fancy places are usually spot on.

  6. Mmm, sounds like a lovely place

  7. Bailey K. | Let Birds Fly says

    I love that quote from her – “a not so fancy building.” Haha!! It’s so true!! Mmm. Thanks for the rec. 🙂

  8. All That Glitters says

    I will for sure have to make a trip out! Yum!!

  9. I love tacos and yours look amazing! Can’t beat homemade tortillas and fresh ingredients. That’s it…I’m planning my Foodie trip to Texas!

  10. Those tacos look amazing!!! I need a breakfast taco in my life, STAT!!

  11. OMG I love tacos! I also love going to mom and pop type taco restaurants since they make the best foods!

  12. A crowded parking lot and a not so fancy building, yep! Definitely the best places to get good tacos.

  13. Patti Tucker says

    Always looking for a great place to eat tacos. Thanks.

  14. Those look so yummy! Next time we’re up that way we’ll have to stop. I love your food reviews. I always find new places to try.

  15. Love love love tacos- this place looks yummy

  16. A crowded parking lot is always a good sign and nothing beats a good taco! Looks delish!

  17. I’m dyyyying. In Italy we have NO tacos. These looks absolutely delicious!!!!! (and kind of make me want to jump on a plane back to the states!)

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