Create Fun Projects with IDO3D

Thank you IDO3D for hiring me to have my daughter test your product. All opinions are my own and my daughters and this post contains affiliate links to make your shopping easier.

This year my holiday gift guide focuses on Arts & Crafts for kids, so when IDO3D contacted me to test their IDO3D Art Kit, I was thrilled. When I told my 10 year old daughter that we would be trying out the IDO3D, she was even more excited. She had heard of this product before and had been wanting to create fun projects with the IDO3D.

Create Fun Projects with IDO3D

When the 3D kit arrived, we immediately opened it and I read the instructions and then I had my 10 year old read the instructions. The instructions were easy to read and very simple to understand. The IDO3D kit comes with 5 3D drawing pens (assorted colors), 3D Guidebook, spotlight, plastic sheet, and 2 accessory shapes. It does not come with batteries, so make sure that you have 3 AAA batteries on hand.

IDO3D Supplies

After we set everything up and found a clean work space, my daughter chose her first 3D project. She decided to keep it simple since this was her first time to use the IDO3D, so she chose to create a monkey. She followed the easy steps, traced the monkey with the pen, dried the monkey with the light and peeled it off the sheet of plastic when it had completely dried. She was hooked!

Steps for IDO3D

My 10 year old loved playing and creating with the IDO3D and after her first creation, she spent 3 more hours creating with the IDO3D. She created glasses, a bowl, a butterfly, an Easter egg, an ornament and so much more! She did not move from her art spot and let her creative juices flow. To help the House of Fauci’s readers understand exactly how the IDO3D works, she made an instructional video.

My daughter gave the IDO3D Art Kit 10 stars! Her only complaint was that it got a little messy. As a mom I would have liked to see different colors of pens. We received multiple colors of pens but would have liked to have received a variety of different colors if possible. In addition, it would have been nice if the kit included 2 plastic sheets instead of one. I loved the 3D Guidebook and all of the ideas that it provided and I also loved how it opened the mind of my creative daughter and kept her entertained while using her imagination for so long.

Glasses 3D

The IDO3D is the perfect gift for the artist and creator in your family. It is also the perfect gift to donate to toy drives or hospitals. The IDO3D takes your imagination to the next level and can be found here.

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