Disney Pin Trading with Mouse Pins Online

*Thank you Mousepinsonline.com  for being an amazing company, providing me with some sample Disney pins and allowing me to run an awesome giveaway to my readers. You ROCK!*

Have you ever been to Disney World? If you have not, I am sorry and I hope that one day you will be able to experience the magic of Disney. If you have, you must know how excited I am to write this post and I know that you are excited to read this post because that is what Disney does, it makes the Disney lovers of the world excited and giddy! A few years ago my family and I were planning our 4th trip to Disney and since I wanted to know everything about Disney I began to listen to podcasts from 3 Moms and the Mouse, if you’ve heard of them, you know they are an awesome group of women! From these podcasts I learned about pin trading at Disney, how to get started, the best place to get pins, and the etiquette of trading. Since 2 of my girls were old enough to experience the fun of pin trading, I decided to give Disney pin trading with Mouse Pins Online a try, so I ordered a few starter packs.

Disney Pin Trading with Mouse Pins Online

When the pins arrived, I was first amazed at how quickly they arrived and then I was extremely amazed at the variety of pins that we received. I was also impressed with the quality of them. They were perfect and my girls loved them! They immediately divided them up. When we arrived at Walt Disney World we immediately went into pin trading mode! It was so much fun.

Mouse Pins Online

Since I had such a GREAT experience with Mouse Pins Online I contacted them and told them that I wanted to tell my readers all about their company and asked if they’d like to host a giveaway on my site. They said, “YES!”. I love to share with my friends, family and readers products and companies that I love and Mouse Pins Online is a company that I have referred many of my friends to. Here are a few reasons why I love Mouse Pins Online:

  • Mouse Pins Online is owned and run by a husband and wife team and their goal is to provide quality pins at affordable prices. Small businesses… ROCK!!!
  • They care about their customers and they aim to find the best prices and best quality product.
  • All of their pins are copyrighted Disney pins so that means they are able to be traded.
  •  If you have questions regarding pin trading practices they are happy to help.
  • They offer a variety of products.
  • They run specials quite often.

Disney Pins from Mouse Pins OnlineEvery pin that you see pictured in my photos are from Mouse Pins Online. I was sent around 5 sample pins but the rest I purchased from them around 3 or so years ago. Once again I have to say that the variety of pins that were provided were perfect. As I stated above, Mouse Pins Online has offered to give away 2 Pin Trading Starter Kits! Each starter kit includes 15 Disney pins and 1 lanyard. This is perfect for the newbie pin trader and for the expert pin trader. Watch for upcoming posts on the House of Fauci’s  page that pertain to Tips on Pin Trading and Must Do’s While at Disney. Good luck and make sure to check out Mouse Pins Online!

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  1. Amanda Weaver says

    I Just ordered from them and was disappointed to see they are all fake. You have to really pay attention. They are charging too much money for fake pins. I have contacted them and am hoping I will receive a refund.

  2. I saw your review of mousepinsonline.com. So went ahead and ordered a grab bag through them. Order arrived quickly, but as we looked closer at pins many of the pins were scrappers. Look for misspelling of Disney. ie:DLSNEY, MADEN CHINA, etc. Colors varied from original pins. Disappointed! Be careful ordering pins online!

    • aimeefauci@gmail.com says

      Im sorry that happened to you. I’ve never had a bad experience with them. Have you contacted them?

  3. Having two children with multiple food allergies, I love visiting Disney World because they are SO helpful to families with food allergies.

  4. I love that, as soon as you walk into any of the Disney parks, you instantly feel that Disney magic. It’s the music, the atmosphere, the friendly cast members, the Mickey Bars – no matter what’s going on in your life, it always feels like absolute perfection.

  5. This is fun! I would love to build my collection of disney pins.

  6. I had no idea about Disney pins until I took my children about 5 years ago. I could see myself with a pretty big collection of them.

  7. Pin trading is HUGE here at Disney World! What cute pins they offer

  8. Wow, I’m late.
    I’m just now hearing about these pins.
    We’re going to the Disney Social Media Moms Conference so maybe I can get some for our son before we leave!

  9. Catherine S says

    How cool that you can pin trade online now. My son loved to trade pins when we would go to Disney.

  10. This is just such a cute idea, I have never heard of it before. Glad you are sharing it and others are partaking in such a thing. I love it!

  11. So fun. I used to collect pins when I was a little girl. I have no idea what happened to them. I had no idea that Disney pins were such a big thing until about a year ago when I saw another blogger mention them.

  12. Since I have never been to Disney, I had no idea this existed! I would love to have all these pins too though..super cute!

  13. These Disney Pins are becoming so popular and I see people wearing multiple lanyards that are completely full every time we visit the park. I think they are so cute and make great collectors items.

  14. These are all so cute! I haven’t been to Disney since I was a kid. I had no idea about pin trading.

  15. I’ve seen pin trading at the parks, but never knew it was possible online. There are such adorable pins!

  16. Debbie Denny says

    I have been there. Gosh, I just loved all of it. So many things to do.

  17. Oh how fun! When I was young my sister got me a charm bracelet from Disney and I became obsessed with the character charms. I wish I had pins, these look awesome and like they could become super fun with trading!

  18. I have always wanted to do pin trading! There are so many cute pins you could end up with!

  19. I haven’t been to DisneyWorld, but I have been to DisneyLand and it is quite magical. I remember being confused when I saw all of the pins and everyone (seriously seemed like everyone) had a ton of them, but this makes total sense now!! How fun!!!

  20. Must… stay… away. Pins… too… cute. =D Seriously, though, this is something that could take over my life.

  21. I haven’t been yet, but I hear the food is to die for! I also want to check out their different heritage musuems.

  22. What a fun giveaway! I had to share via Twitter and any child would be happy to receive these Disney character pins! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  23. I went to Disney World for my honeymoon. It brings me back to my childhood. It’s fun and makes me feel so free.

  24. I a m so out of sync with all things Disney since my kids are older. We used to love all things Disney

  25. These are so cute. Thank you so much for sharing. My Mr. 6 loves collecting button pins and patches. I will have to show him these.

  26. My kids like to collect pins. It is such a fun hobby and trading pins is a fun way to meet others who share the same interest.

  27. Chrissy Mazzocchi says

    Everytime I go to the park I see the kids trading pins with the Disney workers. I’d really love to get into this 🙂

  28. I bet looking back at all the pins you collect bring back lots of memories. Kind of like ornaments at Christmas.

  29. I always see these all around the park, but I haven’t gotten into the pin crazy yet. Something to look forward to for my many trips to Disneyland coming up!

    • We used to live in Florida, so I’ve been many, many times. I never even know about the pins until I read about them at Robin’s (another blog) and now here. I think they sound fun too!

  30. These are really cute! We bought our kids a bunch of pins when we were in Disney.

  31. My daughter will love these Disney pins. They are just awesome and thanks for the chance to win

  32. I always hear good things about the pin trading. I think it would be fun!

  33. I have to enter. I didn’t even know that pin trading was a “thing” until I got home from Disney. I collect pins so I was disappointed that I didn’t know.

    • I love the experience that my children have. No matter how much I get frustrated with going, the joy on their faces are worth all of the pain.

  34. I know my Mom has some pins but I didn’t know pin trading was a thing. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a trip to Disney within the next year, this would be great to win!

  35. I remember having these when I was a kid. So much fun!

  36. disney is so magical!!!

  37. These are adorable! I hadn’t heard of the ‘pin trading’ I am sure it is something my girls will be teaching me about soon!! They have so much detail on them, very cool!

  38. My daughter did some trading the last time we visited Disney. I think it’s cool that you can do it online now.

  39. My kids used to love trading Disney pins when we lived near the park and had our passes. I think “official” trading online would be very cool.

  40. Well – Aimee – Disney World is my goal to enjoy soon! But, been to Disneyland a ton of times and didn’t ever get into pin collecting – and they are stunning and a fun little contest!

  41. Those are so pretty!They would make awesome gifts for anyone who is a fan of Disney!!

  42. How great. This looks like such a fun idea. Pins are just a great addition to any disney trip.

  43. I have always wanted to do pin trading! My friend did it and loved it!

  44. I keep hearing about pin trading but I’ve never gotten into it. If I do I’ll definitely get a starter kit from them!

  45. My husband and I honeymooned there so although I loved it as a child and loved taking our daughter, it will always hold a special place in my heart.

  46. LOVE this! We went to Disney for the first time last summer and all my Kiddies and I traded pins. It was SOOOO much fun!

  47. For the Disney Lover this is the motherload.

  48. I’m in the middle of planning a trip to Disney RIGHT NOW and I am so excited to discover this pod cast! Why didn’t i know about these pins!?

    • aimeefauci@gmail.com says

      Oh LaShawn! Stay tuned.. I have a few more posts about Disney I will post within 2 weeks! Oh the podcasts are fabulous!

  49. I haven’t been to disney since I was a child, back then I loved the dumbo ride. My children would love collecting and trading these pins!

  50. I know my grandkids talk about trading with their friends all the time. I didn’t know so many did this and who doesn’t love the Disney pins.

  51. I am jelly ( jealous). I can’t wait for my Little M to start trading pins and collecting them. Maybe I will win my first pins from HOF 😉 Wish me luck!

    • aimeefauci@gmail.com says

      Good luck! If you don’t win, you should consider ordering some. Your boys would have fun with them AND Maddie IS old enough. Disney workers are around the parks and she can trade with them any pin she likes.

  52. I love these Disney pins. I’m sure that they will easily become collector’s items down the line. It is beautiful how much detail they have on them.

  53. I didn’t even know pi trading existed! I have been to Disney World only once, many moons ago, although I cannot wait to take my young children.

  54. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    We pin trade every year when we go. I get all our pins on Ebay in bulk.

  55. I love Epcot!! I want to go back to disney world so I can go to Epcot!!

  56. We are bringing the kids to Disney World for the first time this December. We can’t wait. We have not started any pin trading before. This is fun. I entered to win!

  57. I am obsessed with Disney but have never gotten into the pin trading. I tend to be a bit OCD at times and honestly would probably go overboard if I ever started 🙂 Seriously though, when I go to Disney I may pick up some special edition pins or I always get the pins when I run a RunDisney race, but I don’t collect them by any stretch of the imagination.

  58. How much fun! We’re getting ready for Disney later this month and I have a feeling we will be bringing quite a few pins back!

  59. Those are so cute. I have always loved pins. I use to collect them but fell out of the habit. This might just get me back into it.

  60. I love pin trading when we are at Disney parks!!! I had no idea there are so many great places to get pins at!

  61. I love the magic at Disney World! From the moment you enter its like a free pass to feel the magic and be a kid again!

  62. No one is a bigger pin trader than me! 🙂 Or collector!! I’ve been stalking your blog waiting for this post to come! I LOVE LOVE LOVE buying one new pin every time I visit as well as trading at least one pin. This past weekend, I got a monorail pin from a cast member, and I was so excited!

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