‘Finish This’ Week 29

It’s back!!! I skipped last week’s ‘Finish This’ because I was just not ‘feeling it’. Guess what? I am definitely feeling it this week, so let’s ‘Finish This’ Week 29!

I add spice to my life by…drinking hard liquor. I’m not kidding. I’ve been married a long time and liquor is my new best friend when I need to add some spice to my life. Okay.. you can giggle, but I am not kidding. 

Bacon is… everywhere! It’s on clothing, socks, band-aids, in chocolate, wrapped around chicken, and most everywhere else you can think of. It’s amazing and I have to wonder if pigs are pissed about this. 

The perfect meal… is a meal that is ‘down home country cooking’. I’m talking chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes with white gravy along with a side of green beans and a slice of pecan pie. Oh my goodness, if I was only 23 again and had a high metabolism. 

My favorite food to grill is…meat! To be honest, I do not grill but my husband does, so with that said.. my favorite grilled food is anything he chooses to grill. 

I beat the heat by… staying inside my air conditioned house. I do not do the heat very well. If I get too hot I become grouchy and moody, quite similar to a 3 year old. 

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  1. hehe love your answers. Bacon Bacon, who doesn’t like bacon?

  2. I always love the way you tell it like it is 🙂 *raises cosmo* Cheers!! 🙂

  3. …And this is why I love reading your posts! We are beer drinking garage sitting kind of folks so to read that your spice is liquor cracked me up! I love your honesty 🙂 And I don’t get chicken fried steak with white gravy up here… I might need you to post a recipe for me on that!

  4. Oh my thighs, I want some chicken fried steak and gravy right NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! My mouth is watering and I swear I just gained 10 pounds thinking about it. LOL

  5. Two rounds for my homie Aimee! I can’t wait to have a tipsy ‘mama’ night– giggles, stories and talking trash about the family. Austin here we come!

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