Get Your House Ready for Spring

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Without even thinking or planning, each spring I focus on getting my house ready for spring. It feels good to have my living space refreshed and my yard treated so that it’s not only beautiful but is comfortable so my husband can grill and my girls can play. Since I love to share, I wanted to put together a few tips on how to get your house ready for spring.

Spring has sprung and it's time to get ready. Here are a few ways you can get ready.

When I get my house ready for spring, I not only focus on getting rid of the unnecessary clutter, toys, and clothes that have been collected since the last spring cleaning, but I also focus on my yard. With such a large family, I feel like there is so much to do but thankfully there are some great products and companies that make it easier for me to get my house ready for spring.

  • Mosquito Joe – My girls and I are extremely allergic to mosquitos. We cannot walk outside without being bitten by a mosquito or two. Not only is it annoying but it is painful. As a way to prevent these awful mosquito bites, each spring I contact Mosquito Joe. Mosquito Joe provides a barrier treatment for your yard that will rid it of mosquitos, fleas, and ticks for up to 21 days. When the certified and trained technician from Mosquito Joe arrives at your home, they will assess your property and talk to you about which parts of your yard, if not all, need to be sprayed for mosquitos. Once they have completed the mosquito spray, they will communicate with you what they did, when you can let your animals out and if they saw any mosquito attractors such as standing water. Mosquito Joe is an amazing and professional company that I truly enjoyed working with and I saw results the very next day! Take a look at Mosquito Joe’s website, which you can find HERE, to see everything that they offer. For a limited time, schedule your first mosquito spray, let them know that the House of Fauci’s referred you and you will receive $25 off of your first treatment!

Rid your yard of mosquitos

  • Krud Kutter– The holidays always leave my kitchen extra greasy and grimy, so I make sure to do a thorough cleaning each spring. From my countertops to my oven to all of my stainless steel appliances, I love that I can use Krud Kutter products to clean, disinfect and deodorize all in one step. Krud Kutter makes cleaning easy, especially since these products can be used in more than just the kitchen!

  • Scrub Daddy– Each spring I clean out my kitchen cabinets and get rid of what my family never use and then I clean and reorganize everything we do use. I always get my girls to help me with this task and they get really excited because they get to use the Scrub Daisy which is a dishwand system that has 3 uniquely shaped heads that resist odor and do not scratch. Of course, they like to use the Scrub Daisy because it is extremely cute. I love this product because I can trust my girls to wash my expensive pots and pans when they use the Scrub Daisy knowing they will not scratch.
  • Waterpik Shower Heads– During the spring, my husband checks all of the appliances. He cleans them, fixes them if they are broken, and also replaces them if they are old or broken. We recently had our bathroom remodeled, so he replaced our old showerhead with a Waterpik Shower Head. I love this showerhead because the spray is very powerful and it also conserves water by keeping the flow at or below 1.8 gpm.
  • Duck Pack & Track–  Every season I go through everyone’s closet and pack the previous seasons clothing and unpack the new seasons clothing. In an effort to keep everything organized, especially since I have such a big family, I use Duck Pack & Track. I purchase these from Walmart. They are really easy to use and they help with my organizational needs. In order to use these, you will need to first download the Duck Pack & Track app on your Apple or Android. Once the app is downloaded, place a label on a container that has a smooth surface, scan the unique QR code and then name the box including the contents and where you store it. These are also perfect to use when you store your holiday decorations. I will never lose my favorite decorations again!
  • Wescott Scissors– For me, fresh flowers and plants symbolize the start of spring. I love to have flowers and greenery throughout my house so that my house can look bright and bring happiness to everyone that comes into my home. To make my flowers and plants last longer I use Wescott Scissors to trim the stems and the leaves. These scissors have blades that stay sharp longer and have a non-stick coating that makes them blade corrosion and adhesive resistant. I love that these are scissors that I can actually rely on for not only cutting and trimming my flowers and plants but for anything else I might need them for.

There are so many things that you can do to get ready for spring. I love all of the amazing products and services that I listed above. They make getting my house ready for spring so much easier.

How do you get your house ready for spring?

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Spring is here and there was so much I had to do to get ready. Here are a few ways I get ready for spring.


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