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 For those that may not know, I have 3 adult kids, 3 younger kids and 1 grand daughter. My older twin boys are in the Navy and have lived away from home for around 7 years. Our family is extremely close, we love spending time together, traveling together, laughing with each other and making memories, so when my boys were given their orders and were told that they would both be moving to Japan we were all taken aback. The first thing that my husband did was research the cost to travel to Japan. For one person, it is reasonable but since the cost for 6 people to travel to Japan is really expensive we knew that as a family we would not be traveling to visit the boys. We knew that we could send care packages, use FaceTime and Skype but since the time zone change is so different we wanted to find another way to keep everyone in touch. When we were at Walmart one day we discovered CloudPets™ and became ecstatic. After I read the box, I knew that this would be a fun way to have the little ones and their big brothers/ uncles keep in touch with CloudPets™.

Keep in Touch with CloudPets™

 When we arrived at Walmart the first thing we saw was a huge pallet of CloudPets™ near the entrance of the store. My girls immediately ran up to them and grabbed their favorite ones. The selection of CloudPets™ was great. They had a Kitty, Bear, Puppy, Bunny and Unicorn. All of the girls decided on taking home the unicorn. Since we have all little girls, I was not surprised and this unicorn was the cutest! Before we made our awesome purchase I made sure to stop by Walmart’s Battery Center and pick up three AA batteries.

Get Cloudpets at Walmart

When we got home the girls were eager to set up their CloudPets™. Setting up CloudPets™ is easy. First, make sure that your iPhone or Android is compatible and then follow the easy directions on setting up the CloudPets™ app. You can find the tutorial on setting up the CloudPets™ app along with the list of phones that they are compatible with here. In addition, you can learn how to set up the parental controls for your pet and know that only invited friends and family can send a message to your pet.

Cloudpet App

 Once the CloudPets™ app has been connected to your phone, send invitations to family members that you would like to stay connected with through the CloudPets™. Like I said above, only invited friends and family can send a message to your pet, so you will want to make sure that they download the CloudPets™ app and that their phone is also compatible. Once this is done, you will know when there is a message because the heart of the pet will flash. It’s that easy and so much fun.

Unicorn CloudPet

CloudPets™are a new, one-of-a-kind product and are available in select Walmart stores, but will be available nationwide soon. They are perfect for kids of all ages that have loved ones that live away from home, travel often, are in the military or have a grandparent that they want to trade messages back and forth with. I know my girls cannot wait to send messages back and forth with their brothers while they are in Japan serving our country.

Keep in touch with family with Cloudpet

Who do you know that could benefit from CloudPets™? Which one is your favorite?


  1. Cloud pets are awesome! What a wonderful way to keep little ones in touch with family and friends that are far away. I really love the whole concept of these and they are too cute also!

  2. This would be great for whe m husband travels! What an awesome product.

  3. I heard about these and they are awesome! I want to get one for my friend and her daughter who have their loved ones overseas!

  4. This is such a good idea. I love the cloudpets. I want to send one to my moms BFF back home from my kiddos. I think she’d love it!

  5. I’ve never heard of CloudPets. It would be a great way for my children to stay in touch with my mother.

  6. Cloud Pets are a sweet way to connect families. I’ve been meaning to send one to my sister who’s in NY. My girls miss her.

  7. I have read a lot of posts about Cloud Pets and I think this is an awesome way to keep families connected. Separation anxiety does exist and it can be avoided by keeping in touch and constant reminders of love and affection.

  8. I love this idea. I will have to get my girls one. It would be great for the grandparents.

  9. These are a fantastic gift idea. I want to get one for my Daughter. I am sure she would love one.

  10. This is such a sweet concept. I know my husband’s parents and sister would enjoy having one of these to communicate with the kiddos.

  11. These are so adorable. My daughter would love this!

  12. Cloud pets are a great way to keep in touch with far away family members. They sound very useful for military families.

  13. What a great way to make kids and grown ups alike smile! Wouldn’t it be perfect for a grandma and grandson living far? I love it

  14. Awe what a sweet idea! Definitely a great way to kids to feel close to a far away loved one.

  15. This is such a great idea when you are separated from your loved ones. This would be great for us to keep connected with my daughter.

  16. I saw something like this on Shark Tank I think. It’s a great idea for kids who are far away from parents or grand parents.

  17. This is a really cute idea for a way the kids to send messages to loved ones.

  18. I need one of those now! My husband is always traveling and I’m sure my daughter would love it 😀

  19. I have seen these advertised. They look amazing. Just love the idea.

  20. What an awesome way for your kids to communicate with loved ones. The pets themselves are really cute!

  21. Our favorite is the Puppy so we picked one up for my son. He loves getting messages from me and my husband. [client]

  22. The many appointments that Bella has which is every Tuesday and every Thursday Bella would be thrilled to have a cloud pet every time we go to Wallmart Bella says can I have it. The unicorn Bella is obsessed with unicorns, pony’s and fairy’s, I have to say not right now add it to you wish list.

  23. Oh, I love this idea! They are so cute and such a great way to stay connected.

  24. This is a really cute idea – and such a comfort to kiddos, I’m sure!

  25. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    We got one for my mom when she was in the hospital this summer. She loved getting messages from my kids.

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