Tips for Keeping Your Kindergartner Healthy This School Year

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Tips for Keeping Your Kindergartner Healthy This School Year

A few months ago, I sent my youngest child to Kindergarten. I have to admit that I was extremely sad about sending my little one to school. Even though I knew that she would love it, since she is my last baby and I  knew that I would miss hanging out with her while we waited for her sisters to come home. As a mom that has already sent 5 kids to Kindergarten, I have a little bit of experience on what to expect and one thing that I know is that when you send your kids to Kindergarten you are sending them to a whole new world of germs. As a way to safeguard your kids and yourself, I’ve put together some helpful tips on keeping your Kindergartner healthy this school year.

Important Tips on Keeping Your Kindergartner Healthy for School

From my experience, the first year that your child attends school will be their sickest year because of all the new germs that they are exposed to. Since it’s important to guard against any illnesses that may be spread at school, here are some ways that your little one can help prevent bringing home germs that might make the entire family sick.

  • Vitamins: I make sure to give my girls their vitamins every day. It’s a good way to support healthy growth, development and support immunity.
  • Colorful Foods: Even though my little one tends to be a picky eater, I try and incorporate a variety of colorful food into her diet such as strawberries, carrots, and any other type of fruit that she will eat.
  • Avoid Play Places: During cold and flu season or if I know that my child’s immune system is weak, I avoid letting her go to play places. There is an unexplainable amount of germs in play areas that you find at shopping malls or fast food places and too often these germs are brought home with you after a long day of fun.
  • Wash Hands: It’s important to teach your little one how to wash their hands properly. Too often kids love to wash their hands so that they can play in the sink water, but while they are playing they are not actually washing their hands.
  • When to Wash Their Hands: Not only is it important for kids to know how to wash their hands but it’s just as important for them to know when to wash their hands. I teach my little ones to wash their hands after they use the restroom, play outside, and right after they come home from being at school or at a store.
  • No Sharing: It can be hard not to let your kids drink after each other or take a bite of your pizza but another way to keep your Kindergartner healthy is by not sharing food and drinks. I am very guilty of sharing my drinks with my kids and the end results are not good.
  • Keep Parents Healthy: As parents, we tend to focus on our kid’s health and not on our own. In an effort to keep my family feeling great and to keep my Kindergartner healthy during the school season, I make sure to take Adult Centrum® Vitamints® and have everything ready just in case I get sick or start to feel under the weather.

Teach Your Kindergartner How to Wash Their Hands

Teach Your Little One to Eat Coloful Foods

In an effort to try and stay healthy, I make sure to pick up all of my health care essentials at Walmart before I send my kids back to school. I make sure to purchase Adult Centrum® Vitamints® , and a variety of Chapstick along with other products that my kids and I might need when we start to feel under the weather.

Vitamints and Chapstick at Walmart

I like to use Adult Centrum® Vitamints® as my daily multivitamin because they contain essential nutrients like mint and include 100% or more of Vitamins C, D, E, and B6. Please note that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Of course, I love Chapstick because it moisturizes & softens for smooth lips every day.

Stock Up On Centrum Vitamints and Chapstick

As school approaches, there will be changes in family schedules and routines so it’s important to make sure that your kids follow certain steps to stay healthy. In addition, as parents, it’s important that we take care of ourselves and also follow healthy steps so that we can be there for our little ones during the busy times at school. Right now you can print a coupon for Adult Centrum® Vitamints® and Chapstick. Do you have a little one that is going to school? How do you ensure that your family stays healthy during this hectic time?


  1. Thank you for sharing these great tips! I have three kids in school this year and I’ve been trying to keep us all healthy! #client

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