La Margarita Mexican Restaurant and Oyster Bar

La Margarita Mexican Restaurant and Oyster Bar is located in downtown San Antonio at the Market Square. It is the ‘Home of the Sizzling Fajitas’ and I can contest to that having tried them on my first ever visit, they are good!

On this day when we arrived at the Market we decided to fill up our tummies before we enjoyed the day’s festivities. Of course we had to start with drinks because that is what we do when we go to Market and since we had a sitter it was the perfect time for drinks. I loved our waitress because when I ordered my Margarita, she up sold me to a bigger side; I was thankful for that.
While we waited for our food we were served chips and hot sauce. The red sauce is what they originally serve and it was good. As we were eating, one of the servers past us and asked my husband if he liked ‘it’ (the hot sauce) spicier. Of course my husband said, ‘yes’, so the server brought my husband some REALLY hot sauce. I thought it was pretty awesome that the random server took the time to initiate conversation with my husband and hook him up with some spicier hot sauce. (Sorry about the picture, the margarita had started to take affect at this point)
Sometimes when I go to a restaurant I try and change it up a little, but not too much because I have a tendency to get picky. I got really daring and ordered the Chalupas Supremas (insert sarcasm) and my husband ordered the Enchiladas Acapulco. My dish was good, simple, and fresh. I normally don’t order Chalupas, it was actually an accident that I ordered these but they were good. My husband said his dish was really good; he is more daring than I am. His dish was filled with shrimp, crab and fish.
La Margarita Mexican Restaurant and Oyster Bar is good. Personally it was not my favorite Mexican food establishment to eat at but the ambiance makes it what it is. They have Mariachi’s that will play any song you would like; for a small fee of course. You can sit inside the restaurant or sit on the patio and watch as people stroll in the Market. Every waiter/ waitress we have come across has always been extremely nice and courteous. If you are a tourist, or if you don’t want to eat from a food vendor or if you  just want to sit, drink and listen to some Mariachis, this is the place for you.


  1. Diane Baker says

    That looks so good! Not only do the food look mouthwatering, the place looks inviting and a great abode to indulge your Mexican food cravings. I see you and your husband had a wonderful time dining here. Do you come here often? Thanks for sharing your experience!

    Diane Baker @ Alejandra’s Restaurant

  2. thanks

  3. I love San Antonio and used to visit there a couple times a year, but I haven’t been in at least four years. The River Walk is amazing, so much fun and it’s so neat at night …. though I admit to being scared about falling in accidently! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    These plates of food look amazing. 🙂

  4. I’ve been there! In fact we usually eat there when we visit.

  5. I think i want to try that. You know, isn’t that by Mi Tierra? I’m telling you one thing, Mi Tierra is good, but ,,,,it is a little overrated.

    • Mi Tierra is good for grabbing some Mexican Sweet Treats…. Both places which are both at Market are ‘touristy’…. I like La Margarita best for their margaritas! Now if you want to go to a good Mexican restaurant… you find a not so pretty building w a full parking lot… I’m going to post about one as soon as we go back.. It’s good and cheap!

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