Moroccan Bites in San Antonio Texas

My husband and I love to watch travel and food shows that highlight restaurants from cities that are near us. A few weeks ago, we were watching Diners, Drive Ins and Dives hosted by Guy Fieri. He was at a local restaurant called Moroccan Bites in San Antonio Texas not sure if it was a dive or a diner. After we watched the episode I looked up at my husband and said, 'We HAVE to go there!'.  Moroccan Bites is not a restaurant I would have ever gone to without first having seen it featured on … [Read more...]

La Margarita Mexican Restaurant and Oyster Bar

La Margarita Mexican Restaurant and Oyster Bar is located in downtown San Antonio at the Market Square. It is the 'Home of the Sizzling Fajitas' and I can contest to that having tried them on my first ever visit, they are good! On this day when we arrived at the Market we decided to fill up our tummies before we enjoyed the day's festivities. Of course we had to start with drinks because that is what we do when we go to Market and since we had a sitter it was the perfect time for drinks. … [Read more...]

Tejas Rodeo Company in Bulverde Texas

A few weeks ago our family attended a hidden little gem, the Tejas Rodeo Company in Bulverde, Texas. We recently moved to Bulverde, a small city outside of San Antonio, and did not know that this place existed until one day we drove past it, hit our brakes, and backed up our pick up truck to make sure we saw what we thought we were seeing. The excitement that filled that truck was not even explainable; a rodeo and a steakhouse that was minutes from our house! When we entered the gates we saw … [Read more...]

Mi Tierra Restaurant and Bakery

Each time my family visits San Antonio's Historic Market Square I always make sure to stop at Mi Tierra Restaurant and Bakery. I absolutely adore Mi Tierra for two reason; their ambiance and their bakery. Mi Tierra is decorated Christmas year round. When you walk in you will see brightly colored decorations hanging from the ceiling and Christmas lights strung all over. It is beautiful and fun!  When you walk through the doors of Mi Tierra you automatically notice a crowd of people … [Read more...]

House of Faucis