Mind Your Manners at Disney

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Disney is a Magical Place So It's Important to Mind Your Manners While at Disney

Walt Disney World is the most magical place on Earth. The moment you walk through the turnstiles there is an amazing feeling that comes over your body. That feeling, my Disney friends, is called happiness! It’s an amazing feeling that lasts from the minute you begin your trip to the minute you leave the parks and head home. Sadly, however, there are times that Disney may not seem very magical because we allow frustrations and stress to overpower our happiness, but even though we become frustrated at whatever situation we are experiencing, it’s important to mind your manners at Disney.

Reminder to Mind Your Manners at Disney

The first time I went to Disney World with my family was around 20 years ago and it was amazing. Everyone was polite and courteous. Even though lines were long and the summer sun pounded on everyone inside the park, the magic of Disney was so overwhelming that it didn’t seem to bother anyone. Rewind to 7 years ago, something about Disney seemed to be different. The parks, the ambiance, and the cast members were still amazing but the guests at Disney seemed a little bit different, including me at times. I did not experience what I had experienced 20 years ago. I felt as if guests became easily frustrated, were not as courteous, were very impatient, and sometimes rude. At times, I saw myself allowing the negative energy affect me and cause me to become, sometimes, rude and not so polite. I sit here and wonder what happened to create such a major change and then I realized that this is today’s norm. As lovers of Disney, it’s important that the minute we walk into a theme park at Walt Disney World or any Disney themed park, we must come together and let the joy of Disney control our emotions and not let anything anger, disgust, fear, or make us sad. (Do you like where I went with that?) With that said, I have come up with a few ways you can mind your manners at Disney.

  • Wait Your Turn: Disney has an amazing collection of statues and beautiful and fun architecture that families like to take a picture of or next to, so it’s important to wait your turn and keep a mental note of whose turn is next. Too often, I see people cutting in front of each other and not respecting those that have been waiting for their turn.
  • It’s Only Rain!: Weather happens, so be ready, especially in Florida. If it starts to rain, find shelter and if there is enough room for others to join you, let them join you. Even though bad weather can put a damper on your day, it’s important to realize that you are not the only one that is experiencing it, so make the best of it.
  • Strollers: Pushing a stroller through Disney crowds can be frustrating so it’s important to treat the stroller as you would with someone in a wheelchair. On the flip side, for those parents that are pushing a stroller, please allow enough space between the front stroller wheels and the person in front of you. Having a stroller rammed into your calves or ankles is not fun.
  • Give Up Your Seat: This one is a BIG one for me because I experienced this several times during my last visit to Disney. During a crowded season, the buses and ferries can get full and seats fill up quickly, so if you see that a mom or dad is struggling to hold onto their kids while standing on a bus or ferry (if you are healthy and able bodied) please offer them your seat.
  • Clean Up After Yourself: If you make a mess, clean it up. After you eat it’s only polite to clean off your table so the next party can sit down and eat immediately.
  • Parade Visibility: Disney parades are the best and it is important to line up early to get a good viewing spot. If you are one of those that got a good viewing spot, please keep your kids off your shoulders. When you are at the parades, it is important to think of the shorter people behind you. If you are in the front row, please sit on the curb or sidewalk.
  • Please, Thank You & Excuse Me: These words go a long way!

To me and many others, Disney is the most magical place on Earth, so it’s important to not allow any negative energy to affect your time there. No one is perfect and we are all guilty of getting frustrated and rude at times, so just remember to try your best to mind your manners at Disney. Can you add to my list?

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  1. Love these reminders, we can all learn something from just being kind, keeping our cool and remembering we’re at Disney and it’s magical. Another thing I taught my kids is wait out of the way for our entire party before getting in line for a ride, no one likes cutters. My daughters and I have joked that each guest should be handed an etiquette card of basic park kindness before entering.

  2. Great suggestions! Doesn’t it just your trip so much better when you are pleasant and friendly?! One I’d add to the parade manners section is this: If you DON’T get to the parade area early, don’t try to push your way in front of people who have been waiting there for an hour.

  3. This is one of my pet peeves while using the transportation at Disney. What happened to good manners and giving up your seat to those older than you or a women with young children! Really guys .. Get up and insist that a women sit in your seat. How would you want your wife, daughter or mother to be treated!!

  4. I love the Give up your seat,,, I am a 60 year old man, in fine health,, so I an stand,,, on a crowded trip back from the MK I was seated and a lady started down the bus aisle,,, I stood up ,, and no sooner had I vacated the seat a 30something yr old guy sat in it !

    • aimeefauci@gmail.com says

      Thank you! Like I said, this one hit VERY close to home. I was literally on a Disney bus while trying to balance a big stroller and 3 kids under the age of 5. I wanted to scream because we were at the front of the bus so EVERYONE saw my struggle and did nothing. I’d have been happy if they’d offer to let my kids sit in their laps.

      • Michelle says

        I seriously feel your pain. I was in the EXACT same boat with 2 small kids at the front of the bus both were struggling to balance and were super fussy. Not a single person offered their seat. I was so upset about this, especially since my husband and I consistently gave up our seats so that other children/elderly could sit. Once, my husband even gave up his own seat for a woman & her daughter only to find out that the woman’s husband had already taken a seat next to my husband!

        • aimeefauci@gmail.com says

          That is craziness! I will never understand those that don’t give up their seat for those that are struggling. I know we ALL get tired but really…

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