Newborn Baby Essentials

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Before you have a baby, it is important to know what newborn baby essentials are necessary to survive those first few months. Too often new parents overbuy baby items that are not absolutely necessary because they don’t realize what is needed to make their life easier and the baby’s life more comfortable.

Here are some items you will need when raising a newborn baby.

Newborn Baby Essentials

When you prepare for the arrival of your baby, there are a lot of items that are needed but many of these items are not needed until your little one is a bit older. Here are a few newborn baby essentials that I think you will need. Of course, while you raise your newborn you may discover that you need more.

Ethan & Emma Diaper Bag– You need to make sure that you have a bag that is big enough to carry all of the baby essentials, such as change of clothes, diapers, diaper cream, and more. The Ethan & Emma Diaper bag is the perfect bag for new moms. Read more about this amazing bag here ——> Ethan & Emma <—– along with what is needed in a diaper bag.

Baby Benjamin Convertible Nursing Cover Up– If you plan on breastfeeding your little one, the Baby Benjamin Nursing Cover is a must-have. It is not only a nursing cover but also so much more. Read more about the Baby Benjamin Convertible Nursing Cover Up ——> here.

iHealth Infrared No-Touch Forehead Thermometer: When your baby is sick, you don’t want to disturb them and you definitely don’t want to upset them. This no-touch thermometer is exactly what every new mom needs. Read more about the thermometer —–> here <—–.

Swaddle Blanket: One of the most important newborn baby essentials is a really good swaddle blanket. Swaddle blankets are a must if you want your newborn to sleep comfortably. Of course, not all newborns like to be swaddled but as a mom that has raised 3 little girls and has cared for quite a bit of newborn babies, I can tell you that most enjoy the swaddle. When you choose a good swaddle blanket, it is important that you make sure that they are large enough to wrap around the baby, are not too thin, and are comfortable. One of my favorite swaddle blankets is from Amazing Baby. You can find it here —-> Amazing Baby Ultimate Swaddle <——. This swaddle blanket has everything that a good swaddle blanket needs and it is extremely affordable and adorable! Amazing Baby also has a multiple pack of swaddle blankets that you can find here  —-> Muslin Swaddles.

BooginHead Pacipal & Pacigrip: For babies that rely on a pacifier to help them relax and sleep, it’s important that their pacifier stays close to them and is easily accessible by mom and dad. The BooginHead Pacipal & Pacigrip is the perfect pacifier clip because it’s universal and will fit any type of pacifier. In addition, the Pacipal helps soothe little ones because they are soft and can be snuggled. I love BooginHead products and there a lot of different Pacipals & Pacigrips to choose from.

Skin Care: It is important to have a variety of skin care products for your baby. I like to use Baby Magic because they provide a huge variety of great skin care products such as body wash, baby oil, and calming lotion. You can find more Baby Magic products here —–> Baby Magic. It is important that when you choose a skin care product for your baby that it is a skincare product that you trust. I trust Baby Magic because not only did I use it on my 3 baby girls but so many other families have used it on their babies for over 65 years and that says a lot!

These are just a few newborn baby essentials that you will need when your baby comes home. After the first few weeks of having your little one home with you, you will discover and learn other essentials that are needed.

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It is important that you are ready with certain newborn baby essentials when you bring your baby home.

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