Num Noms Lights Freezie Pop Maker Toy Review

I received a Num Noms Lights Freezie Pop Maker at now cost for my very honest review. This post contains affiliate links. Please see full disclosure here.

If you have kids then you have most likely heard of Num Noms. These toys have taken over our house and my kids love them. They have blind bags, playsets and a lot more, so when I was asked if I would be sent the Num Noms Lights Freezie Pop Maker and provide a Toy Review for my readers, I was very excited (almost as excited as my kids). 

The Num Noms Lights Freezie Pop Maker comes with everything that you need to make freezie pops. It comes with a small bowl and spoon, 3 flavor packs that taste so good, a Num Nom stand, recipe book,  instructions, 3 Num Nom holders and 1 that lights up.

The Num Noms Lights Freezie Pops are really easy to make and are a great way to teach your kids how to follow directions and how to measure. Here is a how-to video that I put together with my girls:

I do recommend this toy. Not only is it super cute, but as I said before, it allows your little ones to create yummy freezie pops. As I stated in the video, make sure that you put the sticks in the the Num Nom holders before you freeze them. In addition, you could possibly also use these as chocolate molds with these chocolate melts! I have not tried this but I do plan on it and with the summer quickly approaching the possibilities are endless.

What are your kid’s favorite Num Noms toys?

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Kids love Num Noms! Check out this amazing new toy that will keep your kids busy, especially with the summer months coming up.

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