Pack Smart with Ziplock Space Bags

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My husband and I have 6 kids, 3 adults and 3 children, so it can be really hard and almost impossible to plan a family vacation together. Often times, only one or two of our adult kids are able to go with us along with the younger kids, but this year is different. This year my husband has planned a ski trip that is scheduled around everyone’s activities, so that means we can finally go on a true family vacation. We are so excited to be able to be together and share memories with one another, but with such a large family, there comes a lot of luggage and if you’ve ever seen ski clothes you know that they are not easy to pack into a regular suitcase. After my husband mentioned this to me, I told him that we had nothing to worry about because we were going to pack smart with Ziploc® Space Bags®.

Pack Smart with Ziplock Space Bags


 After all of our ski clothes were purchased, I grabbed my husband and went to Lowe’s to purchase Ziploc® Space Bags®. When we arrived, I asked a store employee where the bags were located and was directed to the ‘Home Organization’ aisle. There were different varieties of Ziploc® Space Bags®. Since we were bringing a variety of clothing, I decided to purchase the Ziploc® Space Bag® 3 Flat Variety Pack and the Ziploc® Space Bag® 3 Flat Combo Pack that included 3 large bags. The bags were on the same aisle as the storage bins so I made sure to grab one of those since that would ultimately be our suitcase for our ski clothes.

Ziplock Space Savers at Lowes

When I got home, I separated the kid’s clothes, the adult’s clothes, and the gloves. I chose to start with the Ziploc® Space Bag® 3 Flat Combo Pack, which included 1 medium, 1 large, and 1 extra-large bag. Since I was having to pack for 3 adults and 4 kids, I was very excited to get started. I’ve been watching this pile of ski clothing overtake my house for 2 months, so I could not wait to see the magic of the Ziploc® Space Bags®.

Ziplock Space Bags at Lowes

I decided to start on the kid’s ski clothing which consisted of 5 ski coats, 1 ski bib, and 2 ski pants. As I was gathering it, I piled their clothing on top of one another and could not imagine how I would have been able to pack all of their clothing into a regular suitcase. After I had the girl’s coats and pants together, I used a large size bag and followed the simple directions on the Ziploc® Space Bag® and watched the magic happen.

How to use the Ziplock Space Bags

After I finished packing the remaining ski clothes into the remaining Ziploc® Space Bags®, I was able to breathe a little bit better. Ziploc® Space Bags® solved my packing woes, saved me time, and saved me a lot of space. I love that these bags are airtight, waterproof, and that most of all they are reusable.

Ziplock Space Bag

How can you pack smart with Ziploc® Space Bags®? Have Ziploc® Space Bags® ever solved your space problems?

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