Play All Day Elmo Party

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My home daycare has been in session for around a month. All of the kids have been learning to play together, share, use manners and follow directions. Since they have been doing so well I wanted to show them how proud I was of them, so I decided to celebrate and throw them a Play All Day Elmo Party. Who doesn’t love Elmo?

Play All Day Elmo Party

Before the party started I spent some time making the kids some fun Elmo party favors and treats. My older girls and I made them Elmo hats, Elmo shirts and Elmo Krispie Treats! They all turned out great and my girls and I had so much fun making them for the daycare kids.

Elmo Party Favors

 When the party started I divided the kids up and let the older kids play with the special toys while the younger kids ate their snacks. My over 2 year old group loved playing with Play All Day Elmo along with the Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex and the My Little Pony Musical Celebration Castle. While they played with Elmo I switched the Elmo to Preschool Mode so that they could interact more with him. The Preschool Mode allowed them to play games with Elmo, use their minds, sing songs and so much more. They really loved to play Freeze Dance and hold Elmo upside down! The Play All Day Elmo gave these kids quite a few giggles and surprisingly they played so well together!

Toddlers and Elmo

When it was time for the younger kids to play I switched Elmo to Toddler Mode and helped them learn how to squeeze his big orange nose. They enjoyed hearing Elmo laugh when they tickled his tummy, they also loved to listen to all of the noises he made while I tossed him in the air and they ultimately liked to hug him since he is so soft. Some of the kids were too little to interact with Elmo but they loved to lay next to him.
Toddler and Elmo

Play All Day Elmo also has the ability to be switched to Nap Mode. While we did not do this at the party, knowing that the option to have Elmo sing a lullaby and then ask for a good night kiss is pretty neat.

As I said before, the kids also got to play with Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex and the My Little Pony Musical Celebration Castle. At first the older kids were a little unsure about the Tyrannosaurus Rex but soon became to love it! They could not wait for it to be dark so that they could see the eyes light up. Both boys and girls of the party were fond of the My Little Pony Musical Celebration Castle. They loved making Pinkie Pie and Starsong slide down the slide, spin on the dance floor and play music.
Dino and MLP Collage

Our Play All Day Elmo party was a success. The kids had an amazing time and the parents loved to watch their kids have fun. Play All Day Elmo encouraged the little ones to learn motor skills and encouraged the bigger kids to sing, dance and get up and move. I know this will be a party that this group of kids will remember and talk about for a long time, especially since they got to go home with not only shirts and treats but with a full size toy from Hasbro

Elmo End Party Favors

What is your favorite Hasbro toy? Do you have a child that loves Elmo?


  1. My goodness this is absolutely precious with those cute looking kids in that beautiful costumes. We love Elmo so much & this is really a great idea where kids get along with each other & enjoy every moment.

  2. A Play All Day Elmo party is a great idea. It looks like everyone had a great time. I will have to share this with my friend with little ones.

  3. What a great party idea for little kids! Even the treats are Elmo-themed! I will have to suggest this to my cousin. Her daughter is turning two in January.

  4. What a cute and fun party. Elmo is also my kids’ favorite character. Thanks for the idea.

  5. My nephew loves Elmo. I love that he’s one character that is still so beloved by many children. I am going to have to surprise my nephew with some of those Krispy treats!

  6. Oh this is so awesome! You are so wonderful, that must have been so fun and exciting for all the kids! I know my littler ones would love this!

  7. Oh this is so cute! I love your adorable crafts and treats. Those Elmo toys are so popular!

  8. I love Elmo and I can’t wait to buy my grandson his first elmo doll.

  9. My daughter loves her some Elmo. I remember when the Tickle Me Elmo came out and it was the hottest item at WalMart. Everyone carried one around because they were afraid to leave it in the cart. Elmo is so fun and lighthearted.

  10. Elmo is so cute! I love this party idea. It looks like fun!

  11. What an awesome event. I have a 3 year old that would have loved that. We actually still have the original tickle me Elmo and my kiddos love him.

  12. Ahh this is awesome I used to love Elmo when I was young and I am all for rice-krispie cakes YUM! x

  13. I love the Elmo Rice Krisipies. My kids loved Elmo and Rice Krispies so this is a perfect treat, especially for a fun Elmo party like this one.

  14. Catherine S says

    This is such a cool idea. It looks like all the kids really enjoyed it.

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