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Months ago my 8 year old attended a birthday party for two friends and when we arrived to pick her up, she ran up to us and said she knew exactly the type of birthday party she wanted to have… a Mustache Reptile Party. After talking to the hostess of the party, I told my daughter that her dad and I would make it happen; especially after the mom said that this was the third time they had hired San Antonio’s The Reptile Man.

Before my daughter could change her mind, I immediately contacted The Reptile Man via email and booked my daughter’s birthday party. He contacted me to discuss the upcoming party and told me what I needed to know. He would entertain for around an hour and the party price began at $140. Since I lived outside of San Antonio I did have to pay a small fee, but I was okay with that. After our conversation, I was excited; for my daughter of course.

On the day of the party, before The Reptile Man arrived, my house was loud and chaotic and filled with around 15 or so kids ranging from ages 1- 9. Once The Reptile Man entered our home and began to set up his table of reptiles, every single child, without instruction, found a seat and the house went silent; it was amazingly wonderful.

The Reptile Man started the show and all eyes and ears were focused on him. As he was pulling out the different reptiles and giving fun facts about each one, every child, and I mean every child, sat quietly and attentively and as they had questions they raised their hands and waited to be called on. He brought out all types of lizards and snakes and a few other creatures and made sure that each child had an opportunity to see them up close and touch them IF they were ‘touchable’ creatures.

With having 6 kids, I have to say that San Antonio’s The Reptile Man party was HANDS DOWN the best party that any of my kids have ever had. One great thing about this party is that you can have the party at almost any location of your choice and have the kids entertained for an hour by someone other than yourself! Often times I go into a panic when I think of more than 10 kids in my home and the amount of chaos, noise, and craziness that will occur, but quite honestly, there was none of that; okay maybe 20 minutes of chaos when cake was served. I totally and 100% recommend hiring The Reptile Man for your child’s party, be it a boy or a girl. On a side note, the girls were more hands on with the reptiles than the boys and the girls also did a cute little scream, not a fearful scream but a ‘oh that is so precious’ scream when each reptile was pulled out. It was definitely a Kodak moment!
If you are in San Antonio or in the surrounding area and you are interested in a party or event with San Antonios The Reptile Man here is his information: . Keep in mind I only write posts about companies, products, and businesses that I believe in and like I stated earlier, I have thrown A LOT of birthday parties; a little over 35 to give you an idea. In closing, having The Reptile Man host your child’s birthday party is much cheaper, much funner, and so much more entertaining than a stinky and germ infested pizza place that has a scary mouse running around or a loud bounce house that only allows 12 kids but charges an enormous amount of money.


  1. I think hands down this is the coolest birthday party idea I have ever seen in my entire life. If a mom does this…then that mom kicks so much….it is not even funny. I love Science. I love Biology. 5 stars.

  2. Kathryn Curling says

    Wow what an awesome birthday idea! My son would love something like this!

  3. LeSha Brewer says

    Wow! That’s a pretty cool party! Great idea 🙂 I would’ve been so scared! I’m afraid of snakes and other reptiles You’re a great mom for throwing a party like this 🙂

    • Oh honey, when my girls get out of the normal comfort zone.. I am all for it!! The other day my 7 yr old wanted to ride a mechanical bull and I said GO FOR IT!!! (I’m cheap and the ride was $5. but I did it to get her out of that comfort / fear zone)

  4. Whoa!!

  5. Patti Tucker says

    What a fun idea for a birthday party! Sssssnakes!

  6. All That Glitters says

    That looks so cool, but I would probably faint…haha!

  7. This looks like such a cool birthday party idea! I’m impressed that the kids all held the reptiles, and how nice for you that The Reptile Man kept their attention so well for that long. 😉

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