She Will Take the Lady Diana Hair Cut

These are the words I heard from my mother from the age of 6 to around 9 years old. When I was 5 years old I had long beautiful hair; I was so cute.

I suppose my hair got too long and my mom got too busy with brushing out my knots that she made the decision that tending to my hair daily was not something she wanted to do anymore. From the moment her decision was made the instructions for the hair cutting lady was ‘Give her the Lady Diana cut.’; aka a boy haircut.

Obviously by looking at this picture my hair did not and never did look like Lady Di’s hair. It looked like a sloppy mess. For a while I did not mind the style of cut because I was a kid, I didn’t know any better, but then random people started mistaking me for a boy! You may look at the above picture and think, ‘She doesn’t look like a boy’, but take a look at the picture below.

Yep, that’s me. I was born into a family of two sisters, but was mistaken as their brother many times. I remember selling candy with my sisters for school and the old man at the door said, ‘Who’s your little brother?’. One of my favorite memories was when we went roller skating and it was time for ALL GIRLS SKATE. After getting on the rink to skate, one of the employees stopped me and said, ‘Hey it’s all girl skate.’, but ‘I AM A GIRL!’ I told him and went on and skated. 

Finally, in 5th grade I was allowed to choose my hair style. 

I can giggle at this now and make fun of myself and laugh, but when I look back at my childhood, when it comes to hair, I know the importance of asking my girls what hairstyle they want. What hairstyle makes them comfortable and makes them happy. From my childhood I learned that being forced to have a certain hairstyle really sucked, especially when it causes random people to think you are a boy. 

Do you have any stories from your childhood that makes you look at how you style your kids today?

Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. Aww! This is cute – I love learning the personal sides of bloggers 🙂 My mom loved keeping my hair long but I couldn’t stand it being in my face. So the only way she could have both was to give me a mullet…seriously! I should share the photo sometime. It’s always fun looking back! Stopping by from SGBG!

  2. Your blog’s tagline is too cute. how cute. Makes me think of when I look back at old photo’s and wonder what was goin’ through my mom’s head. For a while I wore these big ugly braids. My Mom say’s it helped my hair grow but I think she just liked the ease of not havin’ to do my hair in the morning no matter how silly I looked.

  3. I remember so many girls whose moms relived memories of Dorothy Hamill through their hair. We were too young to know who she was, but that never stopped them lol

  4. haha Oh man….my mom never did that to me but she definitely did it to my younger sister! My sister has extremely curly hair and when she was in 9th grade the haircut she got didn’t leave her hair as curly. My mom took her back three different times to get it “trimmed” which resulted in her middle of the back long hair to get cut up to her ears. When it was curly it looked like she had an afro. My sister cried herself to sleep at night for weeks.

    After that, I vowed never to do that to any of my kids. I’m pretty sure it scared my sister for life!

  5. Girl, I totally feel you on this because my hair was the same way! My mother had me AND my little sister in bowl cuts until we were into elementary school. And then, we rebelled, grew out our hair, and said never again. Needless to say, my hair has not been shorter than chin-length since!

  6. My all time favorite was the female version (if that even makes sense) of the boys bowl cut. I rocked that s!!t like it was my job in 3 grade. Poor young Stephanie, if she only knew!

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