Supplies Your Hamster Will Need

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I’ve been a mom for a very long time and have allowed my kids to have a variety of different pets. From dogs to cats, to a pet fish to a goat, they’ve had a variety of animals and have left their dad and me to take care of them. With that said, when my 11-year-old told me that she wanted a pet hampster, I told her ‘Absolutely not!’ Months later, she asked me again and was really persistent. After begging and pleading with me, I made her a deal that she actually ended up keeping, so she got her hamster. I have to admit, I never knew that a hamster could be so cute but would also need so much stuff!

When you have a pet hampster there are certain things that you need for it to be happy and survive.

Supplies Your Hamster Will Need

Before my daughter’s hamster, Millie arrived at our home, we did a lot of research. I was impressed with everything that my daughter had learned from the research she did and I was impressed with the saleslady at Petsmart with everything that she shared with me. Millie is a Winter White hamster and does not share her cage with anyone else. With that said, the supplies that I am going to list are for a hampster living alone.

Hamster Cage – Your hamster needs room to live, to run around, and to burrow. You want to make sure that you choose a cage that is big enough for your hamster. I like cages with at least 2 levels along with room for toys. In addition, it is important that your cage has the ability to add tube attachments, has durable door closing and it made of metal.

Kaytee Critter Trail 2 Level Habitat

Kaytee Crittertrail Assorted Tubes

Kaytee Critter Trail Triple Play

Kaytee Critter Trail Begin & Connect Habitat

Hamster Toys- Just like any animal or child, if you do not give your hamster entertainment, it will get bored, depressed and start to destruct its cage and items in it. Since a hamsters cage is not gigantic and you want to allow it to be able to move around freely, consider swapping toys out so that the cage will not get overcrowded and it will not get bored.

Kaytee Hamster Silent Spinner (YOU WILL WANT THIS!!!!!)

Kaytee Run Exercise Ball (Make sure you choose the correct size- not too big and not too small) 

Kaytee Igloo Hideout

Kaytee Plan and Chew Nest 

Chew Toys– Hamsters like to chew. Provide them with plenty of safe and hamster friendly toys that are meant to be chewed on.

Kaytee Carousel Chew Toy

Kaytee Chew and Treat Toy Assortment

Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler Chew Toy 

Food & Cage Necessities– Bedding, food and more!

Bedding- Make sure you buy enough bedding to last. You will need to change your hamster’s bedding at least once a week.

Food Bowl


Waste Scooper

Even though your hamster will not need a lot to survive, you most likely will find yourself spoiling it as you would spoil any other family pet. Make sure that you take care of your pet, clean its cage once a week, and be gentle with it. Make sure to change its water every day and clean out messy spots daily. If you see signs of your hamster acting ill, contact your vet.

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When you bring a hamster home, there are certain items your hamster will need. Here is a great list that will help you.


  1. The cages you listed are not very good for hamsters of any size. They are too small and don’t have enough room for the hamster to live comfortably. I would recommend getting a bin cage because they are much cheaper and bigger than the kaytee ones. Also you should never put your hamster in a hamster ball because you are forcing them to run around when they don’t need or want to. hamsters don’t need tubes and they should not be a nesecity, they do not help the size of the cage. One last thing if you change your hamsters bedding every week it could be very stressful for the hamster that’s why I would recommend changing the bedding every month and every week do a spot clean, this means remove any heavily soiled areas of bedding. I’m sure your daughter did a lot of research and I appreciate that she did because not many people do.

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