Starbucks Secret Menu

Did you know that Starbucks has a secret menu? I didn't until I read one of my Facebook friend's statuses that showed a picture of her daughter holding a Pink Starburst Frappuccino from Starbucks. Not only did it sound delicious, but it looked beautiful. I knew I had to find out what the Starbucks Secret Menu was all about. I immediately used my friend Google and searched for the Starbucks Secret Menu. I found 19 pages of different drinks from frappuccinos to teas! Since it was summer time and … [Read more...]

No One Can Debate the Importance of Gun Safety #iftheyfindit

When it comes to the safety of your kids and other people's kids, there is no debate that gun safety is a conversation that needs to be had and a conversation that we can all agree on. No matter the side of the fence you are on when it comes to gun rights, what matters is how to protect our kids, educate our kids and educate gun owners on the practice of gun safety. Evolve has created a PSA (Public Service Announcement) that sends a very strong message on the importance of gun safety and kids. I … [Read more...]

Orbeez Mood Light

My girls have always wanted me to buy them Orbeez. For those moms and dads that don't know what Orbeez are, they are little balls that expand after being soaked in water and then have different ways you can use them. I vowed to the high heavens that I would never allow this product in my home for the fear of my anxiety level rising from the tiny little Orbeez balls bouncing everywhere, but when we were at Kohl's and my girls had money burning in their pocket I couldn't say no. In addition, the … [Read more...]

Does This Happen In Your House

Does this happen in your house? It seems to happen too often in my house.  I'm not sure why it is so hard to throw away empty boxes and packages, but my kids seem to have a hard time doing it. Not just my youngest three, but even when my older three were younger they did the same thing. Pure craziness in the Fauci house.  … [Read more...]

House of Faucis