Valentine Picture Craft for Kids

A sweet Valentine's Day gift that is perfect for loved ones such as moms, dads, and grandparents

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 As a home daycare provider, I love to spoil my parents with sweet gifts from their kids. A few of my favorite gifts that the kids helped create are You Are My Superhero Craft for DadMother’s Day Candy Bar Bouquet, and Valentine’s Day Tile. I love to incorporate pictures of the kids into the crafts that we create so their parents can look back years later and see how their little ones have grown. Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I wanted to help my kids create another fantastic Valentine Craft for their parents. I am very excited to share this Valentine Picture Craft for Kids. 

This is a sweet craft for little ones to make their loved ones.

This Valentine’s craft is one that requires a lot of adult help. Your little one can help with some of the tasks but an adult will have to assist with a lot of it. Whenever I create a craft for kids, I try and use supplies that I have around the home. Here are the supplies that I used:

The first step is to paint the canvas. This is one step that you can have your little ones help with. I painted the canvases pink but any color or combination of colors would look fantastic.

The next step is one that has to be done without the help of little hands.  To start, I drew a heart onto the canvas with a pencil. I then folded the tissue paper squares and hot glued them onto the drawing of the heart.

Once the heart has been created, you will want to cut a variety of shapes out of the scrapbook paper and Mod Podge them randomly inside the heart. Once this has dried, Mod Podge the child’s pictures randomly throughout the heart and then apply Mod Podge entirely over the inside of the heart. Let dry.

After the inside of the heart was dry, using paint pens, I created an arrow and then wrote the child’s name on the canvas.

I think that this Valentine picture craft for kids came out perfect! I know that my parents will love looking at their little one’s pictures and will definitely keep this as a forever keepsake.

Here is another great Valentine Picture Craft for little ones:

A sweet craft for little hands that parents will love and adore forever.

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