You Are My Superhero DIY Project for Kids

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You are my Superhero DIY project for kids

As a daycare professional, homemade gifts from kids are most often given to their mom. Even though the gift tag is marked ‘Mommy & Daddy’ it’s normally mom that opens it and makes sure that it gets put on a special shelf. Even though Father’s Day is not until June, I wanted to have my little ones make something special for their daddy and show him how much he means to them. After perusing Pinterest, I found a super cute art project and decided to put my own little twist on it. I’d love to share my You Are My SuperHero DIY Project for Kids.

My Superhero

I love projects that incorporate handprints and footprints. There are so many ways that you can creatively create cute projects for moms and dads. I think my favorite thing about the ‘You Are My SuperHero‘ DIY Project is that it can be made for anyone and I love how personalized it is. For this project, you will need paint canvas, acrylic paint, paint markers, a picture of a loved one, sponge or paper towel, paintbrushes, glue, and little handprints and footprints. The footprint is the body and the handprint is the cape. After your little one’s prints are made, fill in any spots that need to be filled in such as the cape. Make sure the cape is attached to the body. Use a paintbrush to paint a little arm coming off of the body and draw a hand using a paint marker.




After the paint has dried, cut out the head and glue it on top of the body. If you are using a professional print, use hot glue to make sure it sticks to the canvas. If you used a picture that was printed on regular paper, you can use Mod Podge. Then use a sponge or waded up paper towel dabbed in blue paint and then dab it around the footprint, handprint and face. This is the sky. Once the paint has dried, use your paint markers to write ‘You Are My SUPERHERO’.



I am in love with this project, not only because it is adorable in a fun way but because there was a genuine excitement in the kid’s eyes as they were making it for their dads. Keep in mind that this project can also be made for moms, grandparents, teachers, and anyone else who is your child’s superhero.

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  1. Such a great idea! My little guy is way too young for this kind of stuff now, but I would love to do this with him in the future, especially because his daddy loves superheroes 🙂

  2. So cool! I love this idea!

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