What to Teach Adults Before Going on a Cruise

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My family and I went on our first cruise just a few years ago. We loved it so much that before our trip ended we scheduled another cruise for the following year. After our second cruise, we came to the conclusion that cruises were going to be a normal part of our lives. We loved the amazing amount of fun, food, and entertainment. We also loved being around other people that loved cruising as much as we did, however with all of the fun, we noticed that sometimes cruisers forget themselves and stop acting like adults. 

A few months ago I wrote ‘What to Teach Kids Before Going on a Cruise‘, which you can read —> here <—. After writing this post, I thought that it would be fair to write What to Teach Adults Before Going on a Cruise. I am a big believer in never being too old to learn something new so hopefully, all of the adult cruisers will take the time to read this post and learn. 

  • Wash Your Hands: Cruise ships are full of germs, so you cannot wash your hands enough. Make sure that you also take the time to use hand sanitizer every time that it is available and avoid door handles. 
  • Be Quiet in the Hallways: Sometimes when we walk through the hallways we forget that people might be trying to rest or sleep. Make sure that you walk quietly, speak softly and don’t run so that people can enjoy their vacation. 
  • Respect the Staff: 99.9% of cruise staff work harder than most of the travelers on the ship. They are overworked and they are away from their families for months. Treat them with kindness and respect. Try your best to make their day as wonderful as you would like your day to be. You may consider reading this post for some cruise etiquette reminders —> Cruise Etiquette.
  • Respect Other Passengers: Please, thank you, and excuse me go a long way. Don’t forget to use the manners your mama taught you. 
  • Clean Up Your Mess: Even though there is a cleaning staff on the cruise ship, you and your family should clean up your room each morning before you leave. If you put your dirty towels in a pile, your trash in the trash can and remove the floor of clothes and clutter you can save the cleaners time and a huge headache. In addition, if you are eating outside of the dining areas, such as the pool or movie theater, place your trash in the trash can and put your cups and plates in the collection area. Doing this will keep the ship clean and make the cleaning crews job easier and more efficient. 
  • Consider Using the Stairs: Cruise ships can get crowded, especially on sea days. During these days, elevators become very busy and at times you could wait for up to 10 minutes for an elevator. With that said, if you are an able-bodied person, do not have little ones, are not elderly please consider using the stairs so that the elevators can be used by people that actually need them and they can run smoothly and timely. 
  • Remember How Tall You Are: Cruises provide a lot of family activities such as parades and events at the pool. As adults, we need to remember to make room for kids so that they can enjoy the shows also. Allow kids to sit or stand in the front so they can see the entertainment. 
  • Be a Parent: If you brought your kids with you on the cruise, it’s your job to be a parent. The cruise ship is not your child’s playground and the staff and other cruisers are not their babysitters. It is your job to know where your kids are, how your kids are acting and it’s your job to make sure that they know the rules. In addition, as a parent, it is your responsibility to know which shows are appropriate to take your kids to. There are shows that are meant for adults so if your kids are not old enough, either skip the show or enroll them into daycare so that other cruisers can enjoy. 
  • Know Your Limit: You are on vacation, you want to have fun and you are on the unlimited drink package. With that said, you need to make sure that you know your limit. If you drink too much then you or someone else can get hurt, you can disturb the other passengers and you can really look stupid. 
  • Be Patient: From lines at the elevator to lines at the buffet to lines leaving on the day of departure, it’s very important for good juju that you are patient and kind. Try your best to not show frustration. Being patient can help things run smoothly.

Going on a cruise is one of my favorite things to do. They are the most relaxing vacation that I’ve ever gone on, unfortunately, however too often cruisers become too relaxed, so in an effort for everyone on the ship to enjoy the cruise it’s important that adults remember that they are adults. 

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Too often cruisers become too relaxed, so in an effort for everyone on the ship to enjoy the cruise it's important that adults remember that they are adults. Here are some very helpful tips and reminders.


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