10 Amazing Disney Crafts

If you don’t already know, I love all things Disney. I love the parks, the movies, the characters, the food and anything and everything else that is Disney. Since summer is coming up and a lot of families will be traveling to Disney and kids will be home and will need something to do, I rounded up 10 Amazing Disney Crafts. These Disney crafts are perfect to prepare for your upcoming Disney vacation, around the home decorations or fun crafts for your kids to make while they are needing something to do this summer.

10 Amazing Disney Crafts

These 10 Amazing Disney Crafts include something for everyone.

Disney Park Crafts

  • Disney World Autograph Book: Save your money on the high priced gift store autograph books and make your own with this simple tutorial.
  • Personalized Water Bottles: A cute water bottle that is personalized and can be taken to the parks or taken on trips to the park.

Disney Kid Crafts

  • Winnie the Pooh Flower Pot: A fun craft to have your kids help you with and it will also add color and fun to your home.
  • Little Mermaid Craft: A super cute mermaid craft that you can make for a fun decoration around the house or as a cute mermaid toy for your kids.
  • Disney Silly Putty: This fun craft will keep your kids busy for hours!
  • Finding Nemo DIY Postcard Craft: A fun way to get crafty, save money and think of others when you are at the Disney parks away from home.

More Disney Crafts

  • Be Kind Cinderella Quote: It’s beautiful, I promise. See for yourself.
  • Olaf the Snowman: Liven up your house with this cute Olaf Snowman. Your kids will love it and so will the adults.
  • Cover Band for your Disney Magic Band: This is my favorite DIY and it’s genius. I’ve not been to Disney since they have created these Magic Bands but I will want to make a Cover Band for the next time we go!

Olaf Sock Snowman

  • Olaf Sock Snowman: An adorable party favor for a Frozen themed party or a cute and fun item to place on a child’s dresser for decoration and added fun.

I cannot wait for my girls to get out of school this summer because I know we will be making a few of these amazing Disney Crafts. We are also planning a Disney trip very soon so I will also be making a few crafts that can be used while we are at the parks.

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  1. Love the magic band cover ideas! Will have to pin this.

  2. One of my students would go gaga for those Olaf crafts! She talks about Frozen all the time, and he is her favorite character.

  3. My girls love anything and everything Disney. I like that you posted the list of Disney crafts. I will look into those for the summertime.

  4. These are so fun. It makes me really want to go back to Disney 🙂

  5. I’m looking for some ideas for the summer. As much as my daughter loves Frozen and Olaf we will have to do that one for sure!

  6. We are a big fan of Disney. These are all really awesome and very creative and seems to be so easy to make. My kids would definitely love to do this. Will have to try this with my kids for sure.

  7. /these are adorable! My favorites are the Little Mermaid and Olaf! Those are two o my all time favorites!

  8. So awesome and just in time! Can’t wait to try these! Our first visit with our 3 kids was last year and we will be headed back in the near near future…so these are perfect to set the magic mood! We love all things Disney too! Great post!

  9. You sure do love Disney. It’s an amazing company. I really like the Olaf snowman.

  10. I’ll have to pass these onto my SIL. She loves all things Disney.

  11. Thank you for featuring the Olaf from CraftsnCoffee.com. I’ve not been to a Disney park since my daughter was in kindergarten and I think it’s time to go back!

  12. THOSE are lovely Disney Crafts. My daughter would love to make the OLAF one as she is a huge fan

  13. I love Olaf! That sock snowman is my absolute favorite! I also have to say that I can’t wait to go back to Disney World!

  14. Those are some cute crafts. I really like that Winnie the Pooh flower pot. I might make that one with my toddler.

  15. Ann Bacciaglia says

    These are great crafts to do with the kids. I will have to try making the silly putty with my friends girls.

  16. Olaf, the sock, is so adorable. What a cute craft for kids to do. Lots of great Disney stuff here. I will pass this on to my little niece and her mother. They will love this!

  17. I want to have the Olaf here. He’s a fave of mine, I think he’s funny and cute. Oh, and the kids like him too. 😉

  18. We love anything Disney in my house. I think we will be trying all of these because no way could we choose!

  19. I love those personalized water bottles. Those are too cute.

  20. Big fan of Disney and surely any kid would love to do these insanely adorable crafts!

  21. Okay, those are all awesome! I especially love the sock Olaf. So cute and so easy to make!

  22. So cute!! My kids would love to do any of the listed crafts! I love how creative they all are.

  23. These are all so great! I love everything Olaf so I will so have to do some of these with my kiddos!

  24. Aw, thanks for this. These are all such adorable ideas to make with kids. I made an autograph book when my daughter was really young that was very similar to this one you have featured here.

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