5 Reasons I May Never Go To Disney Again

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My family has been going to Disney since our adult kids were 5 years old. We have such amazing memories from all of our trips to Disney. Sadly, however, after the last couple of visits to Disney, we came back home thinking that Disney did not feel as magical as it had the previous 15 years. Analyzing all of our trips we came up with reasons why the magic was fading.

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My family has always loved Disney but lately there are a few reasons why I could see myself never going again.

Here are 5 Reasons I May Never Go to Disney Again:

  1. No Longer Magical: When my family and I walked through the gates of Disney for the first time in 1998 we felt like it was the most magical place on Earth. As a family, we continued to return to Disney a  handful of times and loved every moment of it. Fast forward to 2012 we went back to Disney with our now adult kids plus 3 new members of our family that were under the age of 6. Our experience was a lot different. Hoping that our next experience would be better since our kids would be older, we went back to Disney 5 years later. Sadly, this experience was not as magical as we had hoped. We couldn’t figure out if it was because our younger kids didn’t feel, understand, or appreciate the magic of Disney or if it was because they constantly whined and wanted everything. The first set of kids we raised never whined at Disney and were just happy and appreciative to be there. Of course, as parents, we compared the 2 sets of kids and were extremely sad with how the 2nd set of kids responded to Disney. We always wondered if it was because of how times have changed throughout the years and how electronics have taken over the world or if they were not fascinated because they’ve already seen it all on YouTube. Whatever the reason, it truly makes us sad.
  2. My Feet Can’t Handle It: I’m not totally out of shape and I don’t carry a lot of extra weight on me, but the last Disney trip we went on killed my feet. I did everything right by wearing UGGS with at least 2-3 pairs of socks to help cushion my feet, but my feet still burned at every step and especially at night.
  3. Hidden Characters: Years ago when we first went to Disney, the characters seemed to be more visible. The characters seemed to be at every corner waving from afar or waiting with their arms wide open. Now you have to use a FastPass and stand in a long line, make meal reservations at a character dining establishment, watch a parade or use the character app locator and hope that you are on the same side of the park as them. This made Disney a little less magical for us.
  4. There is Another World Outside of Disney: For so many years our family dedicated our family vacations to Disney. Since a trip to Disney is (ridiculously) expensive, we’d budget carefully and try to go at least every 4 to 5 years. It was uncommon for us to go anywhere other than Disney unless it was somewhere that didn’t cost a lot. We discovered that there was a world outside of Disney when our entire family went on a Royal Caribbean cruise. My husband and I were amazed and in awe the entire trip. Not only was the cost of the cruise substantially less than a trip to Disney but we could relax and had almost no obligations. We didn’t have to worry about lines, FastPasses, where characters were located throughout the park and if our kids were having fun or “tired” of walking. My husband and I were amazed that our children complained very little and kept asking when we were coming back. This Royal Caribbean cruise was our new magic. Of course having unlimited cookies for the kid’s and a drink in each hand for mom and dad made it very magical.
  5. Outrageous Cost That Keeps Rising: I understand that companies need to raise their prices, at times, in order to make a bigger and better park, but I can’t wrap my head around the ridiculous and outrageous price increases that happen at the Disney parks every year. I have to sit back and wonder if this is done based on greed because in 2015 many employees were terminated and being replaced with immigrants who had H-1B visas who in turn are paid less than an American employee. In addition items in the parks are substantially more than on the Disney parks website, soda and water bottles in the parks are close to $3 each, the Art of Animation is a lower end Disney resort but doesn’t feel like it in your wallet and the ticket prices keep soaring every single year. When will Disney realize that greed is not attractive? I understand that so many families continue to flock to Disney, so Disney can continue to inflate the cost of everything and not be affected, but I have to wonder what Walt would say.

I am not sure if we will or will not be going back to Disney or if we do when we will go back. Every experience is different, but my hope is that the next time, my girls will be older, I’ll make a little bit more money and the magic of Disney will return.

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My family normally LOVES Disney, but after our last vacation I came to realize that we may never go back because of these reasons.

Sadly after the last couple of visits to Disney, we came back home thinking that Disney did not feel as magical as it had the previous 15 years. Analyzing all of our trips we came up with reasons why the magic was fading.

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My family and I have always loved Disney but after our last visit, I decided that I may never take my family to Disney again.


  1. Emii Fert says

    The comments you made in which you compare your children are very innapropriate.. For one thing, what if your children see this one day and see how fliplantly you showed more disdain for your current younger children. Secondly, if your children seem disinterested and/or ungrateful it is because of how YOU raised them. If you truly think that it is the internet’s fault… Well I hate to say that that is your irresponsibility as a parent with unrestricted internet access or lack of more likely a lack of open emotional discourse as you have quiet clearly made with your first point. Lastly, most of the issues that you are suffering from (except costs, that is definitely out of hand) is largely due to your own poor planning. Wearing Uggs to a theme park is widely known as being a bad idea. If you take proper care of protecting your feet with proper rest and footwear, you can easily make it through a day. Many elderly folks love going to Disney aand know that a slow paced day is key to a good time and happy feet.

  2. I’m sorry I just can’t get over the fact that you thought UGGs were a good shoe to wear when you’re doing a lot of walking. UGGs are basically slippers meant to keep your feet warm. For Disney, I would recommend preparing as if you’re going for a hike. You walk miles per day and it’s hot.

    We went with 4 young kids and I definitely felt the magic. We prepped by looking at the crowd calendars, setting up the fast passes when they’re released 60 days before we went… the whole thing was much easier. Using the app also helps with seeing wait times. We give the kids an allowance earned by doing chores around the house and saving from holidays a few months leading up to Disney so any whining and wanting is held at bay because it’s their money and they can spend it how they like.

    I feel like with good research and preparation, the magic is still there.

  3. I love Disney, all things Disney. I am disheartened by a lot of the changes, but I still love to go. And I’m an adult. I don’t stay on property. I don’t do character meet and greets if the line is too long, and I think the app based fast passes make them much more convenient. I find the magic is there if you are open to finding it. I love to find at least one new thing to experience every time I go. Last time I went was my fiance’s first time going and he got all caught up in the magic and asked me to marry him under the fireworks, which I haven’t sat and watched since I was a little girl. I’m sorry you won’t be going anymore, I know we will be going at least two more times in the near future (because my future in laws have never gone and want to, and two of my nieces want to go so I’ll be happy to take them). But I’m someone who decided I needed some Disney in my life and flew to CA to go to Disneyland on Saturday after deciding I needed to on Monday. 🙂 I hope you find life’s magic wherever your travels take you.

  4. I have to say I totally get it and agree! Well said points!

  5. Olivia Main says

    We went for Christmas week 5 years ago and had an absolutely magical time. We had fast passes and could keep getting them throughout the day. We saw lots of the characters. The merchandise was so much better. We just got back this past Christmas week, and it was a completely different experience. First of all, it was a lot more crowded. I know Christmas is a high traffic time, but it really wasn’t too bad back in 2013. It was crazy this year! You could hardly move in the Magic Kingdom; therefore, it was not magic.It was a headache. We stayed at the Grand Floridian so we paid a lot of money. The food is ridiculously expensive everywhere. The fast passes were not available after about 10am. Luckily I had at least 3 a day I had already reserved months earlier. But is it worth the $100 plus per family member to ride 3 or 4 rides a day and wait in line after line. Nooo! We spend a total of $12,000 for one week including food, gas, Grand Floridian. We could have gone to Europe for that!!! This is our last trip to Disney for a very long time.

    • aimeefauci@gmail.com says

      YES! It is sad because my husband .. who really doesn’t read my blog… was just talking about this today and said.. he doesn’t see Disney in our future for a very long time if at all.

  6. I too love Disney. I last visited on 2017 and noticed my attitude had changed somewhat. It has gotten so expensive to visit and they are constantly adding new fees and ways to make money it’s disturbing. The parking fees at the resorts are absurd I’m assuming they are using them to offset the “complimentary “ bus travel. Walt would roll over in his grave if he knew what Disney is doing now. I don’t mind paying for a good vacation but every year they seem to be taking away any perks there used to be. Taking away the no expiration option was just the beginning.

    • aimeefauci@gmail.com says

      Do you mean they took away the no ticket expiration date?

      • I love Disney! I go every year at least once a year (and no I’m not a Florida resident), but I can see why it can be frustrating and non-magical for some. I have been on solo trips, girlfriend trips sister trips and family trips with kids ranging in age from 3-16, and experienced many in park melt downs, frustrations and delights. However, I’m a firm believer that Disney’s magic is what you make of it, and some people are the root of their own frustrations. My number one suggestion to anyone looking to go to Disney – PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!! You will absolutely NOT have a magical time in Disney unless you plan in advance, and do your research! Also, know who you are with. Older kids are not going to enjoy the same things as younger kids and some of us adults can’t go all day long. Make a plan based on your group! Split up. Take breaks, go to the pool midday, do just a pool/resort day if you have the time. Not everyday needs to be spent in the parks. If you don’t like crowds, do the research to determine what time of year is the least crowded. You can enjoy all the benefits of Xmas time in Disney, without the horrible crowds if you go early December…even mid/late November when they start putting up Xmas decor. Book your fast passes in advance! If I can’t get a fast pass to a popular ride, then I probably won’t ride it. I refuse to wait any longer than 30 minutes in any line. And once I use my first 3 fast passes that day, I jump right on the app and book another. Will I get a popular ride at that point, no, but I still get something that interests me. I also constantly check the app for wait times and jump on the rides with shorter wait lines. I have never experienced a time being at any of the parks at WDW where I only rode 3 rides that day.
        And as far as everything being too expensive. It’s a business. They add more, they charge more. Disney isn’t the only park that charges a lot for admission. Find ways to make it affordable – use AAA or Undercover Tourist for discounts. I regularly see a “stay x days get 1 free” deal. Disney does a lot of package deals and room only discounts throughout the year as well. Disney also offers a free dining plan deal during select times of the year. My family would grab that deal as soon as it was announced. Long and short of it – plan and do your research and you can find ways to not only make it affordable, but magical too. And by all means, I hope Disney isn’t the only vacation you ever take. You can certainly see the world in between! I know I do!

  7. We just returned from our son’s first trip and the whole way home I couldn’t help but wonder if it will end up being our last trip. The prices are outrageous and with each increase or new fee (seriously… Paying for parking at your hotel?!?) I just can’t see us being able to afford another trip any time soon. It makes me incredibly sad.

  8. I have a trip planned to WDW and I’m honestly a little worried about their reliance on apps-based Fast Passes for everything. It’s honestly stressing me out a bit. We have not been to WDW since 2010 and I’m shocked how much has changed in just seven years. We have been on a Disney Cruise and twice to Disneyland since. I can tell you that Disney magic is alive and well in those two places. We’ll see how I fell about WDW after experiencing Disney on a much smaller and less stressful scale.

    • aimeefauci@gmail.com says

      The new web based app for Disney is amazing! I am amazed by it. You will have fun. I know you will.

  9. As someone who loves Disney and obsesses over the day that she’ll take her children there, I loved this post! I haven’t been to Disneyworld in about 5 years or so and I’m sure so much has changed since then! Just reading this made me think about how much of the experience is now being controlled by long waits and dishing out extra cash! I do plan on going with my babies one day (when they’re much older) but I’m definitely going to go in with a more realistic mindset! Thanks for this post!!

  10. As someone who loves Disney and obsesses over the day that she’ll take her children there, I loved this post! I haven’t been to Disneyworld in about 5 years or so and I’m sure so much has changed since then! Just reading this made me think about how much of the experience is now being controlled by long waits and dishing out extra cash! I do plan on going with my babies one day (when they’re much older) but I’m definitely going to go in with a more realistic mindset! Thanks for this post!

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