15 Perfect Gifts for Stranger Things Fans

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My preteen did not waste any time finishing Stranger Things Season 2. She is fascinated with this series and even went to Comic-Con dressed up as Eleven. You can see her costume here, it was pretty good! As I was shopping for my child’s Christmas presents, I was amazed at all of the Stranger Things items that are in the marketplace. There are so many cool and awesome items from clothing to Funko Pops to socks to almost everything imaginable. To make it helpful for anyone that is obsessed with Stranger Things like my child and most of America, here is a compilation of 15 perfect gifts for Stranger Things fans.

If you know or are a fan of Stranger Things, then you will want to check out these awesome gifts based on the Stranger Things series.

15 Perfect Gifts for Stranger Things Fans- Quite honestly there are so many awesome gifts to choose from but here are some of my favorites. 






Funko POPS:






Awesome Miscellaneous Gifts:



I am very excited to gift my Stranger Things fan some of the items that I have listed above. One idea that I have is to create a ‘pretend’ subscription box for her that includes at least 1 Stranger Things t-shirt, Stranger Things buttons, a Funko Pop, and possibly a poster for her wall. I know she will flip when she opens her box!

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