Gift Ideas for Your Teenage Artist

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My daughter, Alexis, was born an artist. She lives and breathes all things art.

I have always been impressed with her skills and her love of art. She won her first art show when she was in 1st grade and our city bus service held a contest for all of the schools in San Antonio. Out of all of the first graders that entered, she won first place!

Since that day, she still continues to create and also continues to be featured in art shows for all of the schools she has attended. Now that she is a preteen, I am always trying to find amazing art supplies for her so that she can continue her passion, not lose sight of what she loves and have everything that she needs to create masterpieces.

I thought it would be helpful for anyone that also has an artist in their family to gather up some gift ideas for your teenage artist.

These art supplies are perfect for teenage artists. They are the perfect supplies to challenge their artistic abilities.

As artists grow, they need more than just coloring books and crayons. They need art supplies that can challenge them and help them to expand their artistic abilities. Over the years, I have purchased my daughter a variety of art supplies and some she loved immediately and others she had to grow into and learn how to use them. I’ve gathered some art supplies that are perfect for teens.

Copic Markers are a must-have marker for teenagers that are serious about art. They are a high-quality marker brand and are used for blending. I will warn you that they are expensive and can be very hard to find! I have been carrying around my 40% Hobby Lobby coupon for this entire year and have been waiting to purchase them but Hobby Lobby is always out, so I have begun to look at Amazon. The prices on Amazon are pretty reasonable but do your research first for the best price. In addition, Copic Markers are refillable, but refills are hard to find. Here is what Amazon as to offer in regards to Copic Marker refills.

 Copic Marker selections:



Throughout the years, I have bought my daughter numerous drawing journals and paper so that she can display her work and have something to draw in and on when she is inspired. I cannot tell you how many journals she has full of artwork from her childhood. It is important that your teenage artist has what they need to display their art. Take a look at this video found, HERE, of my daughter creating one of her super sweet masterpieces using paint and canvas.

Journal, Canvas, and Paper selections:


Over the years, my daughter has amazed me with her talents. She is not only talented with her ability to draw but she also has this amazing talent of turning a piece of clay into a cute figurine. Take a look HERE at a video that I filmed of one of her clay creations.

Clay & Supply selections:


I like to purchase art supplies for my daughter that neither one of us know how to use or what they are for. I do this in the hopes that she will research and educate herself and then begin to incorporate them into her artwork.

Miscellaneous Art Supplies for Teens:



It is important to encourage our kids to do what they love. Art allows freedom of expression and helps to relax the mind, which I think is very important for teens. If your teen loves and is passionate about art, consider buying them some of these art supplies so they can continue to grow. If you know of any art supplies that are perfect for teenage artists, please let me know in the comments section.

Take a look at some of my daughter’s creations from throughout the years: Minion Flower Pot, Sugar Skull Yard Decorations and her YouTube Page, which we are building up. In addition, as a proud mom, my daughter also created the image that you see above.


  1. My stepdaughter is going to be 11 in December. She LOVES art. This would be fun for her!

  2. You can get the Copic marker refills a number of places – including Amazon. (Did a Google search)

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