5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Child’s Vocabulary

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Here Are Some Simple Ways to Help Grow a Childs Vocabulary

I have been a childcare professional for over 8 years and have learned a lot. Some things that I have learned I got from reading childcare books but most of what I have learned was from day to day experience working with the kids that I care for. One thing that I have learned and that I love to do is to help a child grow their vocabulary. If you are a mom or caregiver, I’d love to share with you 5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Child’s Vocabulary.


Before I share with you how I help my little ones grow their vocabulary, I want to preface this post by saying that all kids are different. Every child learns differently and at their own pace but these tips that I am about to share with you are tips that have helped most of my kids.

  • Read: Your child is never too young to be read to. The minute your little one is born, you should start reading to them. While they are too young to understand what you are saying you can skip reading children’s books and instead read them newspaper articles or books that you might be reading for your enjoyment. Of course, as they get older, have someone, like an older sibling, babysitter, or yourself read fun books that they might enjoy and that will get their attention.
  • Expressions: When you talk to your little one, try and change the expression in your face and the tone of your voice. I understand that as moms and caregivers we can get tired but it’s important that we try and not let our tiredness reflect in the sound of our voice and in the expression of our face. As I talk to my little ones, I try to change the sound of my voice and my expression so that they focus on me and not on anything else. If the expression on my face shows excitement or the sound of my voice is silly, it tends to make them focus on me and really listen to my words.
  • Conversation: Talk to your baby. I love talking to little ones, especially during diaper change. This is one of the best times to talk to little ones because they are normally focused on your face. Even if your little one does not answer you back, it’s good for them to hear you speak to them in a conversational way.
  • Synonyms: Instead of using common words such as pretty or nice, use different synonyms for these words. I like to use beautiful and gorgeous instead of pretty. In addition, I also like to use enormous and gigantic instead of using big. It’s fun to change up commonly used words and give your little one news words to hear.
  • Get on Their Level: When possible, it’s important to be at face level when you talk to your little one. Let them see your mouth move and then encourage them to try and repeat you. Speak slowly and sound out each letter. You will be amazed at how focused your little one is and make sure to pay attention because before you know it, they will mimic you.

I love seeing a child go from a babbling baby to a little one that can use words to express themselves. Every child learns differently but as parents and caregivers, it’s our job to do our best to teach them and encourage them to use their words and expand their vocabulary. What tips do you have to grow a child’s vocabulary?

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  1. This post grabbed my attention as a daycare provider of four children under the age of two. I was so happy to come across it as I’ve been working with the children in my care on their vocabulary. I play phonics songs, read to them, sing…and I am now making it a habit to talk to them while they are on the changing table. I’ll have to work on my expressions and get that going as often as possible too. It’s amazing how much a child concentrates on your face when you are engaging with them! Thank you for this post!

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