Finish This Week 23

It’s that time of week; Finish This Week 23! I skipped last week. Why, you ask? Well, I skipped last week because my little mind could not wrap it around the tougher questions. Let’s hope this week my brain will cooperate. 

1- The best compliment I ever received… was that I am a good mom! I am no where near perfect, golly gee, who is? I yell, my girls have learned all their curse words from me, I rarely sit and play with my kids, I don’t make them eat a healthy diet, and I could go on and on. On the flip side I am very honest with them, I teach them right from wrong and pray that they hear me, I make them laugh, and make sure they have everything they need. In addition, I already survived raising 3 kids that I married into. As a family we went through a lot and we all survived. Two of the boys became Navy officers and our daughter is married with a child of her own. So I guess I am a good mom. 

2- Wearing red lipstick makes me feel….like a ghost wearing lipstick! I am so pale that I feel like red lipstick is the only thing that people see when I have ever worn it. 


3- The best investment I’ve made… was marrying my husband. I’m not kidding, hands down best ever investment. He took this girl out of the ghetto’s of Mesquite, Texas. Ha, ha, just kidding about the ghetto. Well, not really, but that is not why he is the best investment. We marry well together! 

4- My best childhood memory… is running the streets with my neighbor friend, climbing trees barefoot and walking down to Joe’s Convenience Store to buy candy; even though my mama told me I was not allowed. We would chase the snow cone truck and sometimes buy two and gobble them up before our parents found out. Oh my, how times have changed. 



  1. Nexlegacy Performance Institute says

    Haha! I feel the same with when I wear bright lipstick! My lips blend into my skin so I feel like I look like a clown and you’re right, you did marry well. Great couple!

    Chene @prototypemama

  2. I love your analogy of what you look like with red lipstick. I probably look like that too.

    Have a great week!

  3. Haha, a ghost wearing red lipstick. I never thought of that, but it could surely describe me in the winter!

  4. Excuse me, but were we separated at birth? I could have answered all of those questions exactly the same! Except maybe red lipstick makes me look like a ‘ghostly’ hooker! You have a beautiful family!

  5. This was great! I love your number one!! And I totally feel like a ghost when I wear red lipstick toO!

  6. Shirley Wood says

    I love red lipstick and don’t care what it makes me look like!
    Being told you are a good mother may be the best compliment for all of us, now if we could just get someone to say it! It is awesome that you received that compliment! Who is the best teacher of foul language but Mom!!
    This is my first, but not last visit to Finish This. You are so funny!

  7. Aimee, so glad you’re back with us and I love, love, LOVE your responses this week! I completely agree with the red lipstick making me look like a fool, oh my stars. High-five for snowcones in the summertime too. Gosh, if I had a snow cone right now I might go into sugar coma. HA!!!!

  8. I am dying laughing about you being from the ghetto! hahaha! But I do love to see that you are very honest with your little ones. That type of openness with benefit you and them always 🙂

  9. Hi Aimee! I agree, last week’s questions were tough. I managed to answer…but it took me a long time to think about them. 🙂 Red lipstick…blah! I’m also pale, so that’s another reason why I don’t wear it. HA!!

  10. Great post. You made me smile. You are funny and I am pretty sure you don’t look like a ghost with red lips. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  11. I love the childhood memories 🙂 I have similar ones riding my bike to the Tom Thumb (convenience store). I love that you have such a strong marriage, I truly admire you for that.

  12. I have enjoyed learning so much about you. Red lipstick makes me look like a hooker. 🙂 Some people can rock the heck out of red lipstick. I’m not that person! My coloring is just all wrong!

  13. Aimee I always love your sense of humor!

  14. Hi Aimee – I LOVE that you see your marriage as an investment… I think that is wonderful!

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