‘Finish This’ Week 31

It's another week of 'Finish This' Week 31!  Can you believe it? Join us each week by linking onto http://nicoleandkevin.wordpress.com/. At the bottom of the page will be next week's questions. Simply answer the questions in a blog post and then link up next Wednesday.  This week 'Finish This' Week 31 is about school days!    If I went back to school, I would study.. teaching. I should have been a teacher of some sort. I used to work as a trainer back in the days and I loved … [Read more...]

‘Finish This’ Week 30

This week's 'Finish This' Week 30 segment is about fashion. For those that know me or have read my blog, I am not a fashionista. There are 6 fashion questions that are presented during this week's 'Finish This' Week 30, so let's see what I can come up with. Before I start, I found a funny little quote: 1. I like wearing... clothes that make me feel skinny! Shirts that are not overly loose but loose enough so that my foopa does not poke out and pj bottoms so that my gut does not hang over the … [Read more...]

‘Finish This’ Week 24

It's Wednesday, 'Finish This' Week 24!!! Here is a funny little 'SAY WHAT??' clip that has nothing to do with this post but it will make you laugh I promise you that!  1. I could spend all day... doing nothing important! I get tired of cleaning and being responsible. I just want to do unimportant things and watch someone else clean my house. I don't do it that good anyway, so it would be a win win for all!  2- My primary and most essential goal in life... is to make money, make … [Read more...]

Finish This Week 23

It's that time of week; Finish This Week 23! I skipped last week. Why, you ask? Well, I skipped last week because my little mind could not wrap it around the tougher questions. Let's hope this week my brain will cooperate.  1- The best compliment I ever received... was that I am a good mom! I am no where near perfect, golly gee, who is? I yell, my girls have learned all their curse words from me, I rarely sit and play with my kids, I don't make them eat a healthy diet, and I could go on and … [Read more...]

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