Gift Ideas for People With Everything

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When you want to gift someone a special present but they literally have everything or you don’t know them well enough it can be difficult. Too often I gift a candle or a gift card to a local restaurant but there are times that I want to gift something that is unique and unexpected. Thankfully, because I am an influencer, I am introduced to a variety of different and unique products that I would not normally be introduced to. Since I know that I am not the only person that has a hard time gifting to those people that seem to have everything, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite products that I think will make great gifts any time of the year.

Gift Ideas for People With Everything

  • Subscription Box– There is a large variety of subscription boxes to choose from. These can make great gifts for those that have everything. The only thing that you need to decide is what type of box to choose. For most boxes, you can either choose a subscription plan or a one time gift. Go here —–> for a list of subscription boxes I have tried.
  • Cube Tracker– This is a small Bluetooth tracker and easy to use app that helps you find your everyday items quickly. There are also some other amazing benefits to the cube tracker. There is a Cute Tracker Pro and the original Cube. Go here—– > to read more.
  • Blu Notebook– This is a great gift for someone that likes to doodle, create and design. Easy to write on with the gel pen and has easy to tear sheets. Go here —–> to see what the Blu Notebook is all about.
  • tinyB Chocolate These are not just chocolates. These are Brigadeiros. They are handmade, have a variety of flavors, and are truly a bite-sized delight. Go to their website to order and read more!
  • Lotus Trolley Bag– An amazing gift for someone that likes to avoid paper and plastic bags when they go shopping. This is an amazing item and so smart! Go here to read more about the Lotus Trolley Bag.
  • bNutty Peanut Butter– If you know a peanut butter lover then these varieties of peanut butter are the perfect gift for them. bNutty is a gourmet peanut butter company that offers a wide range of amazing flavors from Totally Toffee to Joyful Cranberries to Simply Salted Caramel. Go here to order —-> bNutty Peanut Butter and go here for some ——> awesome recipes.
  • Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook– This company appeared on Shark Tank with this product and Shark Tank turned them down but guess what, they are going strong with this amazing product. Go here to read how ——> Rocketbook <—– works and go here—–> to order.
  • Art 4 All Trucker Hat– If ‘that someone’ that has everything, loves the outdoors, a hat from Art 4 All by Abby Paffrath would be a perfect gift for them. They have an amazing variety of unique hats that were designed and crafted by Abby Paffrath. You can read more here —–> Art 4 All.
  • Shaker 33– This is a great addition for someone that loves to make their own mixed drinks. The Shaker 33 is leak proof and smooth pouring. One gift idea is to gift a mixed drink basket that provides everything needed for one mixed drink, along with the Shaker 33 so they can make the perfect drink. Go here to find out how you can order one —-> Shaker 33.
  • Logitech Powered Wireless Charging Stand– This is a great gift for anyone that has an iPhone 8 or above. You can charge your phone in landscape or portrait mode, it has overheat protection, the design keeps the iPhone protected and cradled and more. Find out all of the other amazing features here —> Wireless Charging Stand.
  • MX Master 2S– If you know someone that spends a lot of their time on the computer, then the MX Master 2S by Logitech is the perfect gift. This mouse can be used on any surface, can control up to 3 Apple Mac and Windows computers and more. Go here to find out more about the —> MX Master 2S.
  • Hot Sauce Basket– If your gift recipient loves spicy food, you can create a Hot Sauce Basket that is filled with everything spicy. I love Moore’s Marinades & Sauces.  A great idea is to include a variety of Moore’s Marinades & Spices, such as the Jalapeno Hot Sauce, Harissa Hot Sauce, and a few of the marinades such as the Spicy Habanero and the Creamy Ranch Buffalo Sauce. Along with the marinades and sauces, you can include tortilla chips, beef jerky, and more. Go here to purchase—-> Moore’s Marinades & Sauces <——-.
  • Necktie: If you have a hard time choosing a gift for a guy, then you should think about gifting them a necktie or a bow tie from Dazi. This company offers a wide variety of ties with an amazing variety of prints. Go here to take a look at what they have to offer —-> Dazi Neck Ties <—-. I love the ties from Dazi because not only are they affordable but they are stylish. These skinny ties are guaranteed to be a win for anyone that you decide to gift them to.
  • Marika Women’s Activewear– Do you know someone that likes to workout or wear clothes that make people think that they like to workout? If so, Marika has a huge variety of activewear for women. From leggings, hoodies, accessories, tops and more, they have such a huge variety that you can find something for anyone that seems to already have everything. Go here to take a look at some of the items they offer —> Marika.
  • Moscow Fuel Ceramic Coffee Mug– Do you know a coffee lover? This Ceramic Coffee Mug is very chic. It is a 13oz mug that is marble in color with a crisp white interior and cannot go unnoticed. It also comes in gold. Go here to find out more and to order —-> Moscow Fuel Mug
  • Kindle Unlimited– If you know someone that has an Amazon account and they love to read, you can gift them an annual subscription to Kindle Unlimited. Go —-> here <—- to see how.

There are a lot of great gift selections for anyone that you think already has everything. Sometimes the simplest products can brighten someone’s day.

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Since I know that I am not the only person that has a hard time gifting to those people that seem to have everything, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite products that I think will make great gifts any time of the year.

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