Must Have Toys for Every Playroom

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As kids grow, there are certain toys that they should be exposed to, to help with their growth and development. Having 3 little girls and being a former home daycare provider I have learned over the years what toys every playroom should have.

Whether or not you have boys or girls, most of the toys that should be incorporated into your children’s playroom are universal. The toys I am going to list should encourage role play, problem-solving and sharing.

Must-Have Toys for Every Playroom

  • Toy Kitchen: A toy kitchen gives kids the opportunity to pretend kitchen play. They can pretend to cook, create healthy and fun meals, play restaurant and more. Of course with a toy kitchen, you will want to have food and kitchen utensils. I like to buy wooden foods such as these —–> here. They will last a lot longer than the plastic food.
  • Blocks: Building blocks allow kids to use their imagination, problem-solving and thinking skills to build and create. When building there are so many possibilities. Kids can build houses, forts, roads and anything else their minds come up with. It’s also a great way for kids to work together. Make sure that you include age-appropriate building blocks along with a variety.
  • Costumes: Every child likes to play dress up. From firefighters to police officers to princesses to chefs, playing dress up gives kids the ability to be someone they dream of. I like to purchase dress up costumes after Halloween so that the prices are discounted.
  • Cars: There is a lot of imagination that can come with playing with cars, especially if you have built a bridge out of building blocks. Kids as young as 2 years old love to hold onto cars and carry them around, study the details of the cars and roll them all over the floor, furniture and walls.
  • Baby Dolls: Kids, both boys, and girls like to play family. They enjoy reenacting how they see their mom and dad in their daily lives. Baby dolls are a great way for kids to mimic how they have seen their mom, dad and caregivers take care of them. Kids love to copy what they see the ones that they love do and baby dolls are a great way for them to do that. When you add baby dolls to your playroom, it’s important that you include a variety of dolls. I love the Adora dolls. They have a wide variety to choose from. In my playroom, I always made sure that I have a soft doll for my ‘littles’. This one from Adora is perfect —–> My First Adora. I love this baby doll because it is soft and has a magnetic pacifier.

As a mom and a previous childcare provider, I know the importance of encouraging kids to unplug, play and use their imagination. I always loved watching my kids and others step out of their shoes and become someone else. Their little minds always amazed me and seeing them mimic their parents always gave me a good giggle.


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There are certain toys that kids should be exposed to because these toys will encourage creative thinking and imagination. Here is a list of toys that every playroom should try and have.

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