Shopkins are the Perfect Gift for any Season

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Have you heard of Shopkins? They are “super cute, fun, small characters that live in a BIG shopping world!” and my kids and so many other kids are OBSESSED with them! They come in Blind Bagsare sold in packs and even have fun playsets. Shopkins allow kids to use thier imagination, create memories and have fun! Since Shopkins are the perfect gift for any season I decided to do a mini round up of some of my girl’s favorite items and include a fun unboxing video of my daughter and my grand daughter.

Shopkins are the Perfect Gift for any Season

As of now there are 3 seasons of Shopkins and every season has been adorable and amazing. My girls love saving up their money and buying Shopkins Blind Bags. There are different types of Blind Bags and each one is unique.

Shopkins Blind Bags

In addition to the Shopkins Blind Bags, they have fun Shopkins Packs. I, personally, like these because you know what you are getting and you will not be stuck with duplicate Shopkins.

Shopkins Packs

Shopkins Season 3- 12 pack

Shopkins Season 2- 12 pack

Shopkins Season 2- 5 pack

 Shopkins have a huge variety of Shopkins Playsets. I love the playsets because this helps kids build their imaginations even more.

Shopkins Playsets

Shopkins So Cool Fridge Playset 

Shopkins Fashion Spree Makeup Spot Playset

Shopkins Series 3 Scoops Ice Cream Truck Playset 

Shopkins S3 Fashion Spree Themed Pack

When I was first introduced to Shopkins, I was not sure what to think but once my girls began to collect them and I started to study the little characters and figures, I fell in love with them. From the blind bags to the playsets they are the cutest little toys I’ve seen in a long time. In addition, they allow for my girl’s imaginations to run wild! Here is a fun Youtube video that my daughter and grand daughter put together as they unboxed their new Shopkins.

Are you familiar with Shopkins? Have you heard of the new Shopkins Shopettes? Take a look, your kids will fall in love!

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