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When all you think about is that bbq, coleslaw and potato salad that is leftover in the fridge that you picked up on your way home…. then you know that you picked a winner of a restaurant!

 House of Fauci’s Restaurant Review
We spent an afternoon in downtown San Antonio and took the back roads to get home to the next town over. We passed by what looked like a little country store, so out of curiosity I had my husband stop so that we could take a peek. We had passed by this little store before but never knew what it was and were always too busy to stop. I am very thankful that on this day we took the time and went inside. 
Our first impression when we walked in was ‘WOW this place is awesome and it smells so good!’. The front door is a hinged door, the type of door that you see in the country, and right when you walk in you are greeted by Specht’s professionals ready to help you make your order. 
After we were greeted, I told them that we had never been here before and the man in front said to the man next to him to start getting out some food samples so we could taste what they have to offer. They plopped down some sausage, a rib, brisket, coleslaw, beans and some potato salad. My husband and I tried each piece of food that they  had to offer and I must say that it made our taste buds tickle! The meat was hot, fresh and so juicy and the potato salad was perfect! When it comes to coleslaw I am slightly picky; certain slaws I like and others I don’t. I braved a spoonful of Specht’s coleslaw and was taken back by it’s flavor. It was unique and it actually made me want more. When I asked about the slaw I was told that it was not regular coleslaw but quihi slaw. He proceeded to tell me what made the slaw a quihi slaw, but I will be honest, I did not hear him because I was trying to beat my husband to the last bite of quihi slaw sample. 
We ended up making a to go order that included quihi slaw, potato salad, ribs and brisket. As we waited we enjoyed an ice cold beer and ice cold root beer from their cute bottle cooler. Before we left we made sure to take some pictures of the outer part of the store. 
Our to go order gave us two glorious meals each. When I say that I sat around the house, did chores, took care of my kids etc… and could not stop thinking of the food that we brought home from Spechts Restaurant, I was not kidding. 
Spechts Restaurant is located in San Antonio, Texas north of 1604 off Blanco Rd. If you plan to visit San Antonio or the surrounding areas you should put Specht’s on your MUST places to go. Throughout the week they have live music and open mic night. The ambiance of this restaurant, the food, the customer service, and good old Texas BBQ make Spechts Restaurant a place worth visiting.  
Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. Alvina Castro says

    The food sounds so yummy! I have never been there but were going to have to put it on our list of go to foodie fun places

  2. Patti Tucker says

    On my list!

  3. I haven’t been there in years. Thanks for the reminder. We love this place!

  4. I much prefer Mom and Pop places to big box restaurants.

  5. What an incredible find for you and your family! I absolutely LOVE stumbling upon gems like this, and the next time I’m down in San Antonio, I’m gonna have to give Specht’s a try because I love me some BBQ!

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