Banana Pudding Crunch

The other day I was craving some good old fashion Southern Banana Pudding, but sadly I did not have all of the ingredients. Since I had everything I needed except for the Nilla Wafers I decided to peruse my pantry to find an alternative. I had recently purchased a big bag of Pretzel Crisps, so I decided to use these and create an easy family recipe, Banana Pudding Crunch.

Banana Pudding Crunch

Banana Pudding Crunch
Recipe Type: Sweets
Author: House of Fauci’s
A simple twist on Banana Pudding
  • 3-4 Bananas (Sliced)
  • 1 tub of Cool Whip
  • Bag of Pretzel Crisps
  • 1 cup of Chocolate Chips (melted)
  • Almonds (optional)
  1. Layer:
  2. Pretzel Crisps, Sliced Bananas, Cool Whip
  3. Place melted chocolate into a Ziplock bag, cut the bottom tip of the bag off and squeeze the chocolate onto the Cool Whip
  4. Continue layering (do as many layers as desired)
  5. Top with almonds (if preferred)
  6. Chill and serve cold

Banana Pudding Crunch Steps

Banana Pudding Crunch is a simple recipe that your kids can help you with and it’s also delicious. The pretzels create a nice sweet and salty flavor twist to the old fashion Banana Pudding. This is a great dish to take to family reunions or/and any type of gathering. I promise that whoever tastes your dish will be happy that they did.

Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. This dessert looks so easy and tasty! Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

  2. This looks amazing! What an awesome twist on banana pudding!

  3. I am not a banana fan but you’ve made an awesome presentation! I know people will enjoy this!

  4. My oldest daughter loves to cook and bake, this looks like something fun (and tasty) that she would love to make for dessert one night. I’ll have to show her!

  5. I love this!! I make the banana pudding my grandma makes. She calls it Rock pudding. I finally asked about it… its a “reel em’ in” recipe. Its called rock pudding because it makes you want to throw rocks at all the other girls!!

  6. My husband is a big banana fan. HE would love this dessert

  7. This sounds so yummy! I love the tastes of salty and sweet together!

  8. I like banana shakes and smoothies, but rarely eat bananas whole. I’d probably just eat the pretzels as I am not a cool whip fan either, LOL 🙂

  9. I’ve never thought of trying it with pretzels! I wish I had some of this now!

  10. This is a different twist but I bet it would be delicious. The salty combination with the sweet bananas is great. I love banana pudding too so this is something I’ll be thinking about.

  11. Oh yum. I love banana pudding. I can’t wait to add a little crunch to it!

  12. I love anything banana and chocolate. Sounds like a fun treat.

  13. Debbie Denny says

    This looks delish. Perfect treat.

  14. This sounds like a yummy treat. I will have to try to make it, normally I am not a huge banana fan but some things end up being delicious treats for the kids at least. Thanks for this idea!

  15. This looks amazing and so easy to make. I will have to make it for desert tomorrow. I know my family will love it.

  16. Oh. My. Goodness. This looks Incredible. I love banana everything so I would love to make this. It would be so hard not to eat it all!

  17. I love banana pudding. Never thought to add pretzels to the mix, but it sounds awesome!

  18. Banana pudding is my husbands favorite! This looks super tasty!

  19. I love banana pudding! This looks sooo good!

  20. What an interesting variation on banana pudding. I bet the salty and sweet and great together.

  21. I love banana pudding! This sounds tasty!

  22. Oh wow this dish looks and sound delicious! I’m going to try it at home with my family!

  23. You had me at banana. I love any baked goods with banana. This looks and sounds yummy!

  24. This looks so good – and easy too!! YUM!

  25. I never would have thought about using pretzels, but SMART!! I can’t wait to give it a try!

  26. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Dude, that sounds awesome. Like seriously awesome. That would be DEVOURED in my house.

  27. So simple! Looks like delicious comfort food 🙂 Thank you for submitting this post to the Family Fun Friday Linky Party! Your fabulous recipe will be featured for Family Fun Friday Foods! It will go live on on Thursday Feb 5, 2pm MST. Stop by a grab a button! Already pinned it too! 🙂

  28. I am not a huge fan of either the banana or pudding. However, my DH loves both and so do my girls. I will be making this one for them.

  29. This looks so dang yummy! Gonna have to give it a try for the next church potluck 🙂

  30. I love making this. It has been ages since I have made. Maybe I need to change that.

  31. I DIED looking at this photo!! Looks so good!! But pretzels? Never seen that before. Cool 🙂

  32. My goodness this looks so yummy & delicious. Banana pudding is one of my favorite snack & I never thought it is this easy to do on your own. Thanks for sharing the healthy recipe.

  33. Anything with pretzels and I’m hooked. This sounds just incredible!

  34. Oh gosh would you take a look at that – seems like a super yummy recipe!

  35. I am going to have to try this recipe. Who would have thought of making banana pudding with pretzels? I am impressed.

  36. I’ve always loved banana pudding. I love the idea of adding a crunchy texture to the recipe.

  37. Pretzels on the bottom of the dessert? What a clever idea, I bet it tastes wonderful.

  38. This sounds absolutely delicious and will be a great new recipe for the children and I to try for Kids and a Mom in the Kitchen. Definitely pinning this for later.

  39. Now that sounds so amazing. I would love to try this!

  40. What a tasty spin on traditional banana pudding..I imagine the salty pretzels makes a great combo to the sweetness of the banana pudding..may have to try this rather than Nilla wafers next time.

  41. Banana is one of my favorite flavors. I bet this is tasty!

  42. Melodi Steinberg says

    I wish I liked bananas. This looks pretty amazing.

  43. Yum! I never have cool whip, but I’m thinking now us a great time to grab some! This looks delicious!

  44. This looks amazing! I like that it is perfect for a large get together. Perfect for picnics too!

  45. I love bananas so this would make me really happy.I would like to make this soon.

  46. It sounds good to me. I like that you serve it cold. AND I like that it has pretzel crisps in it (yum!).

  47. OMG this looks SOOO good!

  48. Okay, how have I gone through life without trying this?! Definitely making it – it looks amazing!

  49. I love banana’s and this looks really yummy. A must try.

  50. This sounds and looks delicious – maybe something I could really get into – thank you 🙂

  51. I might just have to make this for my works next potluck!

  52. What a cool idea to make it crunchy with the pretzel things. I really like this recipe! It’s yummy.

  53. Wow, I have never had banana crunch pudding. This is an awesome idea

  54. Ooo, yummy! My hubby’s favorite is his grandma’s banana pudding. I’ll try this for him!

  55. Oh wow. I guess I should have had something to eat before I stopped over here. That looks wonderful.

  56. WOW! These look delicious! I love bananas and adding the crunch is even more fun to eat! Thanks! What a great idea! 🙂

  57. GENIUS…I bet you could use chocolate covered pretzels and smash them up on the bottom and add some extra sweetness, but then again that might be too sweet…Yeah probably not…It’d probably be awesome…LOL! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  58. We really like banana pudding, but never had it like this. I’ll bet the crisps add just the right amount of salt to the sweet.

  59. *gasps* Oh my gosh. I love banana budding. Adding the crunch? Genius.

  60. Wow! I’ve never thought of using Pretzel Crisps for anything other than snacking before. This looks great!

  61. This looks amazingly delicious. Perfect for my sweet tooth cravings 🙂

  62. That. Is. DANGEROUS. WOW!

  63. Saundra McKenzie says

    I am trying this today. I am using sugar free Cool Whip (which tastes sweet) and leaving off the chocolate chips (I’m diabetic). This will be SO good. Thanks!

  64. This looks tasty. Definitely something my kids would enjoy!

  65. The pretzels seem like the perfect addition, I love a little salty with my sweet!

  66. What a neat way to spice up the traditional pudding. I love banana pudding!

  67. This sounds easy and I love those pretzel crisps so I cannot wait to give this recipe a try! Thanks!

  68. This looks so good! I love bananas, I usually eat close to ten a day– I have to try this for the family.

  69. Well, it’s official. I’m sad that I cannot eat bananas. (Allergies, le sigh.) However, my husband is a HUGE banana fan, and I’m assuming our daughter will be, too, as long as she didn’t get my allergy passed along. Saving this for future use for them! What an easy and fun way to have dessert.

  70. Sounds tasty and easy! I’m always looking for easy desserts – will have to add this to my collection.I bet it would be good with a little caramel somewhere, too!

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